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Eco-Friendly Dog Bone Keeps Pets’ Teeth Healthy | BetterBone

betterbone eco-friendly dog bone keeps dogs' teeth healthy

If you want to find an all-natural dog bone for your dog and help the planet at the same time, look no further than BetterBone!

A revolutionary option for your dog’s dental hygiene, BetterBone offers 100% sustainable dog bones that keep your dogs’ teeth safe.

In fact, as per Chisholm Weaver, the director at Blue Standard and BetterBone, their development came after their team discovered that the people they were working with in Croatia were feeding their dogs hangers.

“[After learning about it] we’re like, ‘What are you doing?’ since we developed the material… [And we thought] we could make something out of this because it’s completely sustainable.”

BetterBone Post-Pandemic

betterbone post-pandemic

Going further into the development of BetterBone, Chisholm explained that they developed it as sort of a side-effect of the pandemic.

He said,

“During the pandemic, our main business was B2B point-of-sales services with recycled materials and sustainable materials… Unfortunately, no one’s buying any of that stuff. So, we were having some discussions about what can we kind of pivot to? Where is the market going?”

Fortunately, they had a material that happened to be completely all-natural, hypo-allergenic, and non-splintering.

It consisted of wood waste fiber from sustainably forested wood mills, and they mixed it with sugar cane oil and other chemicals to make the dog bone.

Chisholm said when asked about BetterBone.

“We started giving them out, trying to see how people like them, how dogs reacted to them. Obviously, you’re not going to win every single dog, especially since ours don’t actually have any inherent flavor that’s added yet. [But] we do have a patent-pending process where we are going to be flavoring the bones.”

The good news is that so far, Chisholm and the BetterBone team have had really high success rate with dogs. A lot of pet parents have also expressed their delight in the product since the information is available at the back.

Chisholm added,

“Even our packaging is a hundred percent sustainable, so the bones are a hundred percent sustainable… The packaging is all 100% recycled packaging with renewable ink. So, we really tried to embrace all of that and we can do it at a reasonable cost.”

Feel free to use the code “DOOBERT20” and get a 20% discount and free shipping when you buy from them!



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