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Free Veterinary Care For The Pets Of The Homeless │The ElleVet Project

Free Veterinary Care For The Pets Of The Homeless │The ElleVet Project

One can say that the pets of the homeless are not always visible. They do not gain as much care or attention as those in shelters and rescues. A real true shame since they also require free veterinary care.

As Amanda Howland, the co-founder of The ElleVet Project, said,

“Most people don’t give a whole lot of thought to the pets of the homeless. Like how many they are and what their needs are.” 

The idea around the ElleVet Project first started during the pandemic. It only evolved and grew as the ambition and goal of the organization continues to get bigger and bigger. Read to learn more!


What Does The ElleVet Project Do?

Free Veterinary Care For The Pets Of The Homeless │The ElleVet Project

Before the birth of the ElleVet Project, Amanda helped establish ElleVet Sciences — an organization focused on providing CBD treatment to pets. Among the initial goals of that organization was to give back to the community, but Amanda and her partner haven’t figured out how.

They started playing around with the concept of the ElleVet Project during the pandemic. Amanda saw the opportunity to help a segment of the animal welfare that barely receives any help — the pets of the homeless! They rented out a van, hired staff, and gathered volunteers. The rest is just history.

“It opened our eyes to things that are going on under our noses and just out of sight. It needs some attention.”

The ElleVet Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization that aims to provide free veterinary care to these pets and animals. The organization travels around homeless communities to treat their pets and give them access to high-quality medical care and the attention they deserve.

They offer tick and flea treatments, wound care, general medical care, vaccinations, and treatment for skin and eye health issues. They also provide emergency treatment if the need arises.


Help The ElleVet Project Reach More Vulnerable Pets

Free Veterinary Care For The Pets Of The Homeless │The ElleVet Project

“We’ll do everything we can to give them the best experience, the most care we can give, and try to help as much as we can.”

The ElleVet Project accepts all animals and vouches never to turn any pet away. So far, the majority they have treated are dogs and cats. They also have encountered other less common pets like reptiles, rats, and chickens!

If they do not have someone qualified to treat a specific type of animal, Amanda assures that they will do their best to reach out and find a specialist that can!

The ElleVet Project has toured several cities and has plans to reach more! Among their plans is to purchase more vans to cover more ground and area. Ideally, they aim for four new vans to reach the four quadrants of the country!

“We go where we are needed.”

Currently, the ElleVet Project is partnering with other organizations, such as spay and neuter clinics, to provide more service and care. They are also partnering with Veterinary schools to help their vet students acquire experience on the field!


If you are interested in donating to their cause, you can check out their official website — The ElleVet Project! They also have a Facebook page and Instagram under the same name!

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