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Control Shedding With The Onesie That Works Wonders │ Shed Defender

Control Shedding With The Onesie That Works Wonders │ Shed Defender

If you’re a dog owner, taking hair out from different places in the house is probably part of your daily life. The couch, bed, carpet — there is almost no safe space when your dog sheds! Fortunately, there is now a product in the market that can help control shedding!

Introducing — Shed Defender’s Onesies! These lightweight, breathable, and durable onesies can snuggly fit your dog, containing all that dog hair!

Amazingly, this isn’t the sole purpose of the onesie! Continue below to learn what more this product has to offer!


Shed Defender: How It Came To Be?

Control Shedding With The Onesie That Works Wonders │ Shed Defender

The idea behind Shed Defender came from the personal experiences of the company’s founder — Tyson Walters. As a kid, Tyson always had a creative mind that loved creating, inventing, and building. He carried on the trait into adulthood.

Among all his innovative creations and ideas, the shed-controlling onesie was one of his favorites. He believed it has massive potential to become huge in the pet space. 

Tyson wasn’t wrong.

He started small. Only having his mom help out with the prototype. After trying multiple fabrics, he settled on an 80% recycled polyester spandex made from recycled water bottles.

With only one seamstress on his side, Tyson started promoting the onesie on his Facebook. The orders were slow, as expected. It only really blew up when the Dodo featured his product in 2016. The previous 1-2 orders a month instantly transformed into a thousand orders overnight!

Tyson didn’t waste time and adapted well to the sudden growth of his business. Another boost in their sales was when Shed Defender came on in Shark Tank. He did end up getting an offer, but that didn’t work out in the end. That didn’t stop Tyson, though. He found a better deal and partner that helped push their company forward.

For now, different versions of the onesie are available with their unique uses!

 “We have different versions, but using it for post-surgeries is becoming the number one use for it.”

As it turns out, the onesie doesn’t only control shedding. It can also help calm anxious dogs, replace medical cones, and cover hotspots!


Go Beyond Shedding And Live A Happier Life With Shed Defender’s Iconic Onesie

Control Shedding With The Onesie That Works Wonders │ Shed Defender

Shed Defender offers nine different sizes of the onesie. They started with the XXL using Tyson’s St. Bernard as a guide for the size. Thus, SD sized down and eventually managed to create various sizes for different-sized dogs!

They also didn’t stop with onesies! Shed Defender also offers various other pet products. 

Among Tyson’s pride and joy is the newly launched Mag-Snap — a magnetic, wearable leash that can attach to a standard collar. He believes that this product has the potential to become bigger than the onesie!

Shed Defender also has soft chew supplements that complement their onesies well.

“Trying to add products as we go. I want to make sure they are all relevant to the brand, and it is something that has a unique taste, innovative layer to it.”

Currently, Shed Defender is planning to expand their soft chew line. They are also trying to breach into the custom onesie field. They are reaching out to companies that can help customize onesies for their customers.


Those interested in trying the onesie can purchase it directly from their website! You may use the coupon code: DOOBERT 20 to gain a 20% discount on your purchase!

Note that Shed Defender also loves to give back! Every month, they choose a shelter, feature them on their social media platforms, and donate a portion of their sales to them!


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