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Fun Tech-Based Mental Stimulation Game Developed By Dog Experts │ Go Dogo

Fun Tech-Based Mental Stimulation Game Developed By Dog Experts │ Go Dogo

If your dog can speak, they probably would have said the expression, ‘I’m bored’, more than once a day. The thing is, they can’t. Instead, they chew on your stuff and keep themselves entertained. It is why mental stimulation is essential.

Fortunately, there are now various mental stimulation games in the market you can use to keep your dog’s brain stimulated. One such product is the Go Dogo, a tech-based game made with the help of dog experts.


Mentally Stimulate Your Dog For Their Better Well-Being

Fun Tech-Based Mental Stimulation Game Developed By Dog Experts │ Go Dogo

In 2015, Hanne Jarmer was busy as a scientist at the Technical University of Denmark. She worked hard to balance her time between her hectic work schedule and her family.

She was a bit unprepared when they gained another family member, a dog, a year later. Living with a dog made her aware of an issue.

“I got dogs, and I realized there was a problem that needed solving. The problem was mental stimulation.”

It turns out that a dog needs more than physical exercise. Dogs need something to stimulate their brain, enrich their lives, and alleviate boredom. These fur balls need mental stimulation games to keep them happy, relaxed, and calm. 

“It’s very important for all intelligent beings that they get mentally stimulated, and naturally, the most important mental stimulation for dogs is when we train them.”

Dogs can’t live healthily without mental stimulation. Keeping their brain well-stimulated keeps them from feeling bored, which helps them avoid getting sick and developing behavioral issues or mental health conditions. While many know this, it’s still not easy to incorporate mental workouts or games into a dog’s daily life.


Use Go Dogo For A Fun and Positive Mental Stimulation Session

Fun Tech-Based Mental Stimulation Game Developed By Dog Experts │ Go Dogo

Go Dogo is a brilliant idea from a team of dog experts and lovers who want to ensure that more dogs get the mental stimulation they need to live happily. They made this mental stimulation game to improve the overall well-being of dogs.

“This is not obedience training.”

Go Dogo was designed based on positive reinforcement. It contains various levels disguised as games and challenges a dog needs to accomplish to get a treat. When the dog clears a level, they will instantly receive reward. The dog will independently need to solve the challenge to earn its treat.

The game has two physical units; the main unit and a side camera. They connect to a home TV using an HDMI cable. Each challenge is supervised using high-quality cameras attached to the body of the units.


If you’re interested in purchasing this mental stimulation game, visit their official website. It contains all the necessary details you’ll need, including a well-detailed guide about the game’s system, its main features, and the science behind it!

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