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A Smart Collar For Real-Time Pet Health Monitoring │ Pet Metrics

A Smart Collar For Real-Time Pet Health Monitoring │ Pet Metrics

Pet Metrics is a newly-established company founded by Dr. Gary Richter, a talented veterinarian that has been challenging the boundaries of standard veterinary medicine. He is constantly looking for new and innovative methods and ways to help his patients. 

Currently, one of his newest projects is Pet Metrics, a small company that will be releasing a pet collar designed for tracking real-time biometrics! This groundbreaking device will undoubtedly be the new standard for pet health monitoring technology!

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Innovative Practices To Apply In Veterinary Medicine

A Smart Collar For Real-Time Pet Health Monitoring │ Pet Metrics

Dr. Gary Richter started by practicing standard western veterinary medicine. From there, he slowly and steadily branched out to other innovative and integrative approaches to veterinary medicine – herbal therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic!

“There are so several things out there that are available to help animals that are not just being used in standard veterinary medicine.”

Dr. Gary did not want to settle on strict medical practices, which made him venture out to less conventional western medicine. He dived into integrative and holistic or alternative medicine to further his reach and knowledge.

“I made a career that’s looking for anything available that has real science behind it, is a legitimate option, and is going to work.” 

He had been active in practice for almost 25 years, dabbling in emergency and general practice. Working in these fields, he quickly realized a pattern. According to Dr. Gary, people fail to recognize that medicine is mostly about following an algorithm.

If a patient displays certain signs and symptoms, the doctor will run specific tests, and based on the results, they will offer treatment options. Then, based on their response to their treatment, the doctor will decide if they should continue or work down the line in the algorithm.

It is why Dr. Gary dabbled into less standard approaches.

Aside from integrative approaches, one more notable thing to know about Dr. Gary is that he is the co-founder of the Veterinary Cannabis Society, a non-profit organization committed to educating pet owners and veterinarians about the use of cannabis.


Track your Pet’s Health With Pet Metrics

A Smart Collar For Real-Time Pet Health Monitoring │ Pet Metrics

Pet Metrics is a company established by Dr. Gary. Its primary mission is to make and develop a wearable smart collar that serves as an effective pet health monitoring device. This innovative technology’s primary purpose is to track a pet’s health status and vital signs actively.

At that, pet owners will know when something is wrong. Being non-verbal patients, it is increasingly hard to tell if a pet is feeling sick. Not to mention that it is in their nature and instinct to hide any signs of weakness.

“The problem, from the animal health perspective, is that a lot of times when we diagnose disease, we are diagnosing it at a very late stage.”

The treatment options will then be minimal, and their chance of survival is lower. It is what Pet Metrics is aiming to avoid.

Pet Metrics wants to provide insight into the animal’s state, primarily based on its activity level and biometrics. The pet’s vital signs, such as heart rate and respiratory rate, are significant indicators that can tell if a problem needs urgent attention.


You can register for Pet Metrics’ waitlist at their official website. You may also be an investor if you want to be part of Pet Metrics.

Also, Dr. Gary authored three books for those who want to see his works. His first book, The Ultimate Pet Health Guide, was released 5-6 years ago and is now available at Amazon for those who wish to purchase a physical or digital copy. The two other books are about the longevity science of cats and dogs. They will come out in the third quarter of next year. Be sure to stay tuned to know the official release date!

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