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How to Hold Online Auctions on Doobert

The excitement. The anticipation. The awesome feeling of victory when you outbid your fellow bidders. All these make online auctions one of the best ways to make fundraising more interesting and engaging.


And if you’ve been looking for a platform to hold one yourself, then look no further because Doobert has you covered!


One of the features that come with the Doobert Rescue Store is the ability to hold online auctions!


After signing your organization up on Doobert, go ahead and follow the steps below to learn how you can start holding your very own online auctions.


How to Hold Auctions on Doobert

Step 1: On your Organization Dashboard, go to the Shortcuts tab

Step 2: Go to Rescue Store and Click Add Products

Step 3: Click Auctions

Step 4: Click Add Product

Step 5: Enter information about the product

Step 6: Add the pricing information

Step 7: Add the product images and auction duration

Step 8: Select a product category

Step 9: Click Save


3 Major Benefits of Online Auctions

We talked a little bit about why people love joining auctions earlier but you might be wondering what’s in it for your organization. Why should you do auctions, right? How will it benefit you?


You reach more people.

One great thing about doing auctions online is that you’re giving more people the opportunity to participate; this includes those who geographically wouldn’t have been able to.

Since it’s on the web, people can easily share your auctions too, which, in turn, can increase your chance of getting higher bids.


You save time and money.

As opposed to renting a physical location and spending time and energy to set up an on-site auction, holding online auctions is as easy as clicking a few buttons.

You get to raise funds and accommodate more participants without the expenses and hassle. Plus, you won’t need to put together a team to facilitate it because it can easily be handled by one person.


You gain repeat buyers.

You have to believe in the appeal of a great deal! People who end up getting outbid or missing out on one of your awesome deals are highly likely to stick around to wait for similar ones.

If winning bidders have a positive experience during your online auctions, there’s a very good chance that they’ll return for more as well!



Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to leave them down in the comments!

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