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Max….Indiana to Florida

I was on the receiving end in Florida to get Max, my rescued English Setter who was located in Indiana.  I was so nervous as this was my first experience with multi-leg transport.  The two-day event was executed flawlessly!  The care and concern of the participants to keep me informed via chat and photos every step of the way has to be one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had in rescuing dogs.  I felt like I was there with Max for every transfer.

Thanks to the wonderful people from Our English Setter Rescue for allowing me the opportunity to adopt Max.  I also thank the 14 caring transporters who made sure that my furever boy made it safely to his new home.  Doobert is a very special venue and I plan on participating where and when I can in the future.  Max is settled in nicely.  Special thanks to Susan the coordinator from OESR and Doobert for putting this together and making me the happiest dog-mom ever!

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