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Maya Press Release

Contact: Alyssa Grunfelder
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Volunteers Transport Memphis Stray to Ohio

Akron, OH– This week, Doobert volunteers transported a Great Dane/Pit-Bull mix, Momma, to her new rescue in Akron, OH.

Momma has been a stray in Memphis,TN for a few years. A local resident had Momma spayed and made sure she was current on all her shots. As colder temperatures were arriving, Momma was in desperate need of a forever home.  

The owner of Sweet Strays Rescued, Leslee, works to catch strays wandering in Memphis and also takes in owner surrenders. All in hopes to reduce the number of animals on the streets.

Sweet Strays Rescue found another shelter in Akron, OH that would take Momma and renamed her Maya. Her journey was tough as she had a list of medical issues along the way. Maya was heart-worm positive, had a double ear infection and had a sinus arrhythmia. She also had abrasions and irritation between her toes and there was concern for a compound fracture in her right rear hock.

In order to transport Maya, Sweet Strays Rescued set up a transport through Traveling over 700 miles, Maya made it to her new rescue, Uno’s Happy Ending Rescue. Thanks to these amazing volunteers, Maya is off the streets and in a place where she can find her forever home.   

Volunteers use the custom-built software on to save animals by volunteering, fostering, and/or transporting animals. This software helps solve the most difficult aspect of coordinating animal rescues: transportation. With, animal lovers around the country come together to bring animals to their forever homes.

Volunteers and organizations can sign up for free to rescue more animals at


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