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Offering Specialized Veterinary Care For Pets Everywhere │ Stratocyte

Offering Specialized Veterinary Care For Pets Everywhere │ Stratocyte

Primary care veterinarians are known as the jack of all trades of the veterinary world. They are talented experts that can perform the traditional model of veterinary care. From preventative to wellness care, they can do those and more!

Though the case, there are several specialized veterinary care that these primary vets are not licensed or equipped to do. In those cases, specialists are the experts needed! Unfortunately, there aren’t many specialists in the world. The chances of finding one in your area might be small, so traveling around and spending is a must.

That is a problem that Samantha Vitale recognized and offered a solution to. As a response, she helped create the Stratocyte — an online web-based application and platform that can connect primary vets to specialists!


Gaining Specialty Consults At Your Own Clinic

Offering Specialized Veterinary Care For Pets Everywhere │ Stratocyte

According to Samantha, Stratocyte was something she built to help an area in the veterinary industry that she felt was lacking. Along with fellow talented veterinary specialists, they created a platform to help veterinarians help animals everywhere!

Primary care veterinarians are experts who can offer a wide array of services to their pet patients. They can provide preventative care, conduct examinations, perform diagnostics, and give treatments.

While they have many skills, primary care vets can’t do everything. There are cases when the treatment required is too complex and would need a particular set of knowledge and skill set to accomplish. That is when a specialist comes in.  

“What we want to do at Stratocyte is to bring special care to every pet everywhere.”

Veterinary oncologists, cardiologists, neurologists, dermatologists, and surgeons are just among the most common experts offering specialized veterinary care to animals! Unfortunately, there are only a few of them in the country.

Stratocyte is a teleconsulting platform where primary veterinarians can sign in for free and look for specialists who can provide excellent and informative advice about their patient’s cases!

“Search for any specialist that they are looking for.”


Help Pets Get More Access To Specialized Care With Stratocyte

Offering Specialized Veterinary Care For Pets Everywhere │ Stratocyte

In Stratocyte, you can find a specialist that can meet the needs of your animal patient. This platform operates similarly to an online marketplace or virtual shop where you can browse through specialists and see the services they offer!

Once you find the perfect specialist, you can schedule an appointment through the platform and connect with them instantly! You can upload the pet’s medical records and share them with the specialist during the consultation. They will review the records and type up a report about their recommendation.

You can contact the specialist via phone, video, or in-app messaging. Through the virtual consultation, you can discuss everything necessary to create a reliable, effective, and efficient treatment plan with them!

In Stratocyte, they want to help more than just companion animals. For now, they have specialists focusing primarily on poultry animals and looking for ones working on exotic and giant animals.

“We want to help every pet by bringing specialty care into every veterinary clinic.”


Stratocyte is undoubtedly a platform that helps all parties involved. If you are interested in them, whether you’re a veterinarian or pet owner, go to their official website! There, you can find everything to know about the platform!

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