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Rescue Store

For products you want to sell simply add them to your store and anyone across the country can purchase them to support your amazing cause.

Under the Shortcuts menu simply expand the Rescue Store menu and choose Add Product complete the item details and save. Yep, it's that simple!

Simply click Shortcuts from the left menu on your Organization dashboard, then click on Rescue Store, and then Add Item for Auction. Complete the details page, and then save the product.

We make it simple, you receive the funds directly in your PayPal account, and you are notified via email. Log into your account to see the order placed and to close out the order you'll want to mark it as shipped.

We currently only use PayPal. You'll want to make sure it's added to your account settings or you can access it from the Rescue Store module. On your left menu choose Shortcuts, then Rescue Store, and then Edit PayPal.

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