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Trading Post

Great question and most importantly it's free to use! From the left menu under Shortcuts just select Trading Post. From there you can add new items your organization needs, add new items you can offer to other organizations, and search for available items.

Under the left menu choose Shortcuts, then Trading Post, and then Manage Item Notification. From here you can choose what items you are looking for. We'll notify you via email when things are available for you.

Organizations are alerted of the items you've posted.

From the left menu on your computer, choose Shortcuts, then Trading Post, then List Items for Others. Click on the Add New button and make sure to select "Offering" under the "Type" dropdown.

Adding partner organizations is super easy!

From the left menu on your computer, choose Partners, then the Partners link, then Find Partners. From there you can enter in your search criteria and once you've found the organization you're looking for, click the Add Partner button to successfully add them.

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