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RescueTUBE is an easy-to-use tool that enables organizations to collect videos, photos, and written stories from staff, volunteers, fosters, and even community members quickly and with ease.

There's no particular way to set up RescueTUBE. All you need to do is add a Bucket that will create a unique code. Once a Bucket is created, you can then start uploading files such as photos and videos into that Bucket.

A bucket is a folder that you can create to organize your content.

Each bucket comes with a unique code that you can give to staff, volunteers, or even community members to allow them to upload videos and photos from their smartphone straight to a designated bucket on your Doobert dashboard.

RescueTUBE was specifically created for animal welfare organizations. To use it, simply sign your organization up on (for free) and have your staff, volunteers, and anyone you need content from, download the Doobert User mobile app.

With RescueTUBE, you can easily get your staff, volunteers, and community involved in capturing content.


Foster volunteers, for example, can capture photos and videos and easily add them to a dedicated bucket through the Doobert mobile app that you and anyone in your organization can easily access. You can easily add these photos and videos to the animal's Ambassador page so potential adopter's get to see their personality!

After creating one free account for your organization on, you, and anyone else in your organization who knows the login information, can access all your captured content. Those you have only provided with a bucket code, however, will not be able access your content.

No, unless your volunteers add their name in the comments about the video.

From mobile and tablet devices, you can upload images/videos from your gallery. From your Doobert organization RescueTUBE module, you can also upload PDF files.

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