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Recruit More Foster Volunteers with Fosterspace!

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Did you know that Doobert has a new module called Fosterspace? It’s currently the ONLY existing foster management solution out there!


Fosterspace has many features designed to help organizations run a successful foster program. Not only does it have the tools to make it easy for you to manage your existing fosters but it also gives you the ability to send foster requests so you can recruit more.


You can create foster requests for your animals and specify any comments or instructions you have for potential fosters. You can even add questions you want foster applicants to answer so you can see if they’d be a good fit.


Once you publish your foster request, we’ll send it to all Dooberteers with an active foster profile. You can also share your foster request on your Facebook page by connecting your account.


Ready to learn how you can get started? We show you everything you need to know down below!



How to Create A Foster Request


Step 1: On your Organization Dashboard, click Fosterspace

Step 2: Select Dashboard.


Step 3: Click on the Recruit Foster button.

Step 4: Click the plus (+) icon

Step 5: Fill out your new foster request

You can choose to select an animal that you’ve already listed on Doobert and have the information auto-populate.


Or manually add in information.


To increase the animal’s chances of attracting a foster, upload good-quality photos. If you’re using RescueTube and have a video of the animal in one of your buckets, you can add that as well.


On the lower part of the foster request form, you can also add questions that you want applicants to answer. To add more than one question, click on the + icon.A More Convenient Way of Finding Fosters

Step 6: Select the account you want to share your foster request to

If you’ve already connected your Facebook account to Doobert, you’ll be able to automatically share your foster request there just by hitting Publish.

(If you haven’t, we show you the steps later in the blog)

Step 7: Publish your new foster request

After selecting the Facebook accounts that you want to share your foster request to, click Publish.


The animal will then be added under the Recruit Fosters quadrant where you’ll be able to keep track of applicants and accept or decline applications.

Step 7: Accept a foster application

When someone applies to foster the animal, click Applications and you’ll see the name of the applicant and the Accept and Decline buttons.


Click the name of the applicant to view their foster profile and the answers to any questions you might have added to your foster request.


Once you accept their application, applicants will be notified via email.


Applicants are given the option to accept or decline and until they make a decision, the status of the foster request will appear as Pending Acceptance.


Once the applicant accepts, the foster request will automatically be archived.


How to Connect Your Facebook Account


By default, Doobert will notify relevant volunteer fosters about your foster request. But you can have it reach an even wider audience by connecting your Facebook pages or groups to Doobert and automatically post your foster requests to those accounts every time you hit Publish.


Step 1: Go to your Org Account Settings

On your Organization Dashboard, click the drop-down arrow to the right of your profile photo and click Org Account Settings.

Step 2: Click Edit Organization Profile

Step 3: Go to the Social Media tab

Step 4: Click Add A New Connection

Step 5: Select the type of account you want to connect

You have the option to connect a Facebook page or a Facebook group, if you’re an admin,  then click Continue.

Step 6: Click Continue

Step 7: Log into the Facebook account you want to connect

Step 8: Click ‘Continue’ to confirm the Facebook account you want to connect.


Your chosen Facebook page or group will automatically appear in your list of connected social media accounts on Doobert.



Ready to try Fosterspace out for yourself?

Sign up here to join Doobert today!

Want to learn more about Fosterspace? Read more about it here.



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