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Adopt A Pet With Less Hassle │ Rescue Spot

Adopt A Pet With Less Hassle │ Rescue Spot

Do you have plans to adopt a pet but never really came around to doing so because of the overcomplicated adoption process? 

You are not alone in this worry! Several people wanted to rescue and adopt pets from shelters and rescue organizations. Unfortunately, the process of doing so required much effort and time. In the end, many tend to switch to pet stores and buy pets instead. 


Aiding Adopters With Single Applications and Helping Rescues Smoothen the Process

Adopt A Pet With Less Hassle │ Rescue Spot

Nicole Patrick, the founder of Rescue Spot and Chic, Chien, and Chateau, recognized this very problem and decided to make and offer a solution. 

“So, Rescue Spot is a new web or mobile platform. It is an essentialized platform that streamlines the pet adoption process through rescue organizations and pet adopters while connecting the two.”

Rescue Spot offers a way to search through various adoptable pets throughout America. It is a way for potential adopters to instantly message and connect with their choice of rescue organizations and find a suitable pet they can adopt. Through the website, you can also donate to any pet website!

According to Nicole, the pride of Rescue Spot is its one-time application filing! You can fill up a single application and apply instantly to adopt or foster a pet! 

There will be no need to fill up a bunch of applications with essentially the same questions that are only worded differently. Rescue Spot will ensure that your adoption process is easy and less hassle! 

Once approved for a pet, you can complete the other adoption paperwork on the platform. You also have the means to check your adoption status on your dashboard! 

It is Nicole’s way of making the adopters feel they have the power and control over the process. 

Rescue Spot isn’t just for the adopters’ benefit! It can also help lessen the burden of rescue organizations by simplifying just about everything! 

Rescue Spot gives them a website, profile, and custom URL. They can post their happy tales, touching videos, upcoming events, and volunteer opportunities there! 

“We recently launched. We are excited to be in a new space and changing the adoption game.”


Rescue Spot’s Birth Story and How It Came to Be 

Adopt A Pet With Less Hassle │ Rescue Spot

Everything started as a hobby for Nicole. She was an actress with a hidden passion and desire to help animals. With the burning need to do more, Nicole started with an idea. 

She started by helping potential purchasers adopt pets instead of buying them in stores. She did so by helping friends find their breed of choice in shelters by going through pet adoption websites to look for it. 

“Websites were not up-to-date. The pet listings were not up-to-date. The pets are usually already been adopted by somebody else by the time I found them online. So I’ve been spending all my time as an adopter, essentially, just filling out applications and never hearing back from the rescues.”

Years later, she finally decided to leave acting behind and focus on helping animals. She worked in Africa with lions and cheetahs before she moved back to the US and worked in dog rescue. 

Working there, she grew frustrated over time as all she mostly did was call up strangers to reference-check potential adopters. It was time-consuming and tiring. 

Experiencing both sides of the coin of pet adoption, Nicole recognized problems and worked on a potential solution. 

Through Rescue Spot, she made it easy for adopters to adopt by filing only a single application and having communication with rescue organizations. On the other hand, she made it easy for shelters and rescues by letting them filter the applications using their parameters and offering 3-5 pre-verified reference statements to save them time. 

So far, Rescue Spot has stayed true to its vision. 

“The No. 1 is to know that we are successfully facilitating easy and quick adoptions for people, and then the other thing is to help rescue organizations grow their foster program.”

If you are interested to joining Rescue Spot, try their 6-month free membership for Doobert listeners. Visit Rescue Spot at to redeem your discount!

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