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The Pet Health Platform Designed To Give Money Back To Pet Owners │ myBalto

The Pet Health Platform Designed To Give Money Back To Pet Owners │ myBalto

The healthcare industry continuously advances into the digital era. So it’s not a surprise that the same occurs in the pet healthcare industry. With the nonstop introduction of new smart pet technology, the industry only proceeds to adapt and evolve. One of the technologies that are making reasonable noise in the market nowadays is pet healthcare platforms. 

The myBalto, in particular, is a decentralized pet health platform built by family, inspired by veterinarians, and designed for pets and their owners. It is a platform that takes pride in helping owners care for their pet companions by putting money back into their wallets! 


The Perfect Cashback Platform For Pet Lovers

The Pet Health Platform Designed To Give Money Back To Pet Owners │ myBalto

Established by the Parkins brothers, myBalto is more than aware of the significance of strengthening family ties – and animal bond is no exception. Remember, pets are vital parts of the family. And they deserve to receive as much care and attention as any other pack member. Though while that is the case, it can be challenging since pet care is not exactly cheap.

Starting as an ER vet, Dr. Robert Parkins witnessed first-hand how far most pet owners would go to ensure that their pets receive proper health care. He relayed some instances where the owners would even miss paying their mortgage to pay the vet bills. That gave him the idea of creating a platform to help pet owners get some dollars back. 

“It’s like a combined Instagram and an awesome cashback rewards credit card.”

Through myBalto, you can earn points by participating in their online community, taking your pet to the vet, or simply becoming a member! With enough points, you can earn discounts and have the chance to get some of your money back! Going through their platform to get to the site of their brand partners afterward can get you a cashback from your purchases. 

“A fun way to be involved, learn about your pets, make their life better, and have a good time.”


Revolutionize Your Pet’s Medical Records with myBalto

The Pet Health Platform Designed To Give Money Back To Pet Owners │ myBalto

The name, myBalto, is inspired by the classic Disney movie Balto. This movie features an Alaskan sled dog that gives medicine to sick children. 

“We kind of do the same thing. Helping deliver education and information to people. As well as helping alleviate those financial stresses that accompany pet care.”

Aside from the cashback features, myBalto also aspires to revolutionize the pet record industry and database! With myBalto, you can completely control your pet’s health and have 24/7 easy access to your pet’s medical records! Using myBalto will save you money and time from needing repeat testing for bloodwork and x-rays!

You can quickly access your pet’s complete records – from their allergies and feeding schedule to their medications and vaccine history! Plus, you won’t need to carry folders and papers or download various apps from different vet clinics. It’s indeed a blessing that pet owners can access all this pet information in one place and share it with one button touch! 

“We think it’s something that can make a couple of changes in the industry, which is what we’re hoping to do.”

Aside from their app, myBalto also has a pet ID tag that is NFC/QR code enabled. With it, you can find your lost pet faster and access their medical records quicker! 


Regardless if you’re interested in myBalto’s cash back feature, easy-access pet records, pet ID tag, or all of the above, you will find all these at their official website! Moreover, they recently launched their app in both the Android and Apple Store for better accessibility and convenience for their users! 

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