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Pets Living Naturally With The Help Of Animal Aromatherapy │ Texas Oil Lady

Pets Living Naturally With The Help Of Animal Aromatherapy │ Texas Oil Lady

While Aromatherapy is rather famous for its therapeutic uses and benefits for humans, only a few know that animal aromatherapy also exists. With more people seeking alternative, natural, and holistic therapies for their health-related issues, they are also becoming aware that many of these therapies can be used and applied with their beloved pet companions!

Cindy Cowan, the founder of the Texas Oil Lady, also discovered the wonders and powers of animal aromatherapy. She used this discovery to build a business where she can share and educate pet owners on using natural and toxin-free solutions to better their pet’s health and well-being!


How can Aromatherapy help Animals?

Pets Living Naturally With The Help Of Animal Aromatherapy │ Texas Oil Lady

Only recently did Cindy Cowan decided to pursue a career in Animal Aromatherapy. Being a doTERRA wellness advocate, she was already aware of the importance of using natural solutions and pure essential oils. She knows how these oils can open up a whole new world of possibilities and how they can change and make a difference in someone’s life.

Years ago, Cindy was introduced to Animal Aromatherapy at a conference. She was intrigued after listening to a reputable veterinarian from Austin, Texas about incorporating essential oils into her veterinary practice. After thorough research, she immediately discovered how certain aromatherapies and oils could be safe for animals.


“Every essential oil is unique and has its own healing properties for the body and mind. It works on animals, and it works on human beings.”

Like veterinary medicine, animal aromatherapy can be considered its own field. Someone with a solid foundation in Aromatherapy for humans still needs special knowledge before using it on pets. It is why a person needs to undergo certain classes and courses to be considered a certified animal aromatherapist – one that Cindy Cowan took and passed.

“It’s keeping our fur babies safe and healthy.”


Focus on your Pet’s Health and Wellness With Texas Oil Lady’s Help

Pets Living Naturally With The Help Of Animal Aromatherapy │ Texas Oil Lady

One of Texas Oil Lady’s primary goals, according to Cindy, always had been about,

“Sharing plant-based tools to help people’s mindset, mood, and emotions and their pets.”

Essential oils are plant-based oils that can impact a pet owner’s life. You can better utilize these oils and unique blends to support your pet’s health.

Texas Oil Lady aims to bring awareness to all pet owners and offer them an alternative solution besides visiting the vet. Though, note that they are in no way discounting vets. After all, there is no substitute for actual medication and treatment, especially for severe medical conditions.

As Cindy said,

“If we can help our fur babies be well at home, let’s try it first.”


You may visit Texas Oil Lady’s official website if you want to try their natural products. Cindy also offers a free consultation to people who wants to know more about the natural lifestyle!

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