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Wandering Off With Your Pet: A Guide to Traveling with Your Best FURiend

There is nothing more fun than traveling with family but bringing along your fur babies can be more exciting for everyone. However, this can be stressful for you and your pet if you aren’t prepared. As the travel industry has evolved over the years, it has had to adapt to the growing demand and emerging trend. More and more establishments have become pet-friendly and bringing along your furry pets is easier than ever. 

 If you are planning on taking a vacation with your pets, you should be able to tick-off these tips from your checklist to make your trip more enjoyable.

Pet Policies

Prior to taking that most-awaited vacation, make sure to double-check the pet policies of the city or country that you will be visiting as it differs from one city to another. Although there are pet-friendly establishments in most cities, carefully research about your destination and the areas you want to visit to make sure you can always bring your fur baby with you during the trip. For instance, some establishments would require a pet pass and may ask for payment to let your fur baby in with you. 

When flying with your pet, especially internationally, make sure to check the airline policies about bringing in your furry baby. You would want to make sure that both you and your pet are welcome to join the flight. Aside from this, make sure to plan ahead and comply with all the necessary documents needed before your flight. Similar to humans, documents such as permits, medications, and vaccination certificates serve as their passport in this journey.

Traveling by plane with your pets can be a little complicated as airline companies have different policies and limitations when it comes to carriage of animals. Flying with pets might pose a risk to not just to other passengers but to your pets as well.  When in doubt, check the airline website and call them to confirm the necessary procedures, documentation needed, and equipment required–  if there are any.

Pet Safety, Security, and Comfort



When traveling with pets, safety, security, and comfort (of your pet and people around you) should be your priorities as a pet owner. After all, we are responsible for them whenever we go out.

  • Bring your pet to your veterinarian before going on a trip. Make sure that they are emotionally and physically ready to go on a trip with you. Ensure all vaccinations are up-to-date and secure an extra copy as this will serve as your pet’s passport when you travel around.
  • Similar to humans, pets can also have travel anxiety. Before traveling for vacation, get your pets used to getting in the car and go on short trips. This way, your furry babies can be trained to be in the car and avoid car sickness.
  • In case your pet gets sick during the trip, there are natural remedies that you can try to help them. You can try calming pheromones to put your pets at ease. These are odorless and colorless signals that may come in different forms such as diffusers, sprays, wipes, and collars. You can also try to put on a pressure wrap which provides gentle pressure to your pets and alleviates stress.

The following additional tips can improve your pets’ comfort:

  • Play relaxing music at a low volume.
  • Position your pets in a relaxing and comfortable space, whether inside their carrier or just laying on a blanket inside your car.
  • Give your pet some cuddles from time to time.


 Pet Essentials



Particularly on long drives, it can be helpful to bring your fur baby’s comfort item. Keeping a familiar scent while traveling can be a good distraction for your pets and may help them be more comfortable during the trip. Here are some items you should pack for your furry little one.

  1. Leash and harness: Help your pets be accustomed to an unfamiliar environment by walking them around. Have a sturdy leash and harness ready at hand so they can freely roam around whenever. Tip: Secure a pet collar with identification tags, in case your pet gets lost on your trip. Having an identification tag with your details on it may increase the chances of getting them back. Take a recent selfie with your pet for easier communication with strangers.
  2. Pet carrier: Invest in a high-quality carrier appropriate for your pet’s height and weight. Travel hassle-free and in style, without sacrificing your pet’s comfort and safety.
  3. Chew toys: Bringing along your pet’s favorite chew toy can help ease their anxiety and keep them entertained while traveling. Avoid getting them chew toys that might pose a choking hazard to your pet. Remember, you are on a vacation and you do not want unnecessary vet trips in another city.
  4. Dog food and collapsible water bottle: Keep your pets healthy during your whole trip. Pack their regular supply of pet food and do not forget to keep them hydrated too. Tip: Schedule water and potty breaks along the way. Plan your routes carefully and check for areas where you can
  5. Poop bags and diapers: Since your pets will be drinking as you travel, they will need potty breaks too. Fur babies who are traveling with you for the first time may find it hard to control their bowels. Whether they’ve been potty trained or not, bringing along a poop bag and a diaper for your furry little ones during a vacation will come handy.



It can also help if you teach your pets to relieve themself on multiple surfaces– not just grass. Being able to go to the bathroom on different surfaces will help alleviate discomfort along the way.

 Although traveling with a pet can be stressful and demanding to some extent, it can be really rewarding, especially if you have prepared well ahead of time. Soon, you will definitely succeed in going on vacations with your furry little baby.

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