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Premium Dog Products: The Indestructible Treat Clincher │BarkerFun

Premium Dog Products: The Indestructible Treat Clincher │BarkerFun

Susan Mravca, the founder of BarkerFun, is an entrepreneur with a mission and goal — to give pet owners the option to entertain their pets with premium dog products while giving themselves their much-needed me-time. Through her research, she discovered the wonders of slow-feeding dog treats! Unfortunately, she found out quickly that it does come with flaws, namely needing to hold said treats for them to avoid choking or swallowing.

She decided enough was enough and decided to design dog products that could help her. Over time, she came up with Treat Clincher, which became BarkerFun’s best-selling product!


The Secrets Behind Slow Feeding Dog Treats

Premium Dog Products: The Indestructible Treat Clincher │BarkerFun

Have you recently got a new puppy, or are you already currently living with a widely active one? If you do, you probably are struggling with a problem — a hyper pup that won’t sit still or is constantly asking for your attention. While such a scene makes you coo initially, the excitement might have faded by now.

“Sometimes, during the day, you just need an hour to yourself.”

You have other things to do other than play with your pup. There are chores to accomplish, calls to make, and even work to finish. It is especially much more troublesome if you work from home.

If you want your dog’s attention elsewhere, bully sticks are an effective solution. It’s a healthy slow-feed dog treat that can keep them entertained for hours! Unfortunately, it also came with a new problem. Sometimes, when the dog gets too excited or impatient, it swallows the bully stick whole, leading to choking and gagging.

The results? An expensive vet visit, a sick dog, and a traumatized dog owner. It is one scenario that Susan lived and experienced herself.

Fortunately, with how common this problem is, there are now solutions to it: bully stick holders. Susan purchased product after product, looking for an effective one, but her search ended in vain.

Being an entrepreneur herself, she decided to create a solution. She was successful in the end, prompting her to establish BarkerFun.

“The answer is not to take away the bully sticks. The answer is to find a safe way to deliver them.”


Entertain Your Dog With BarkerFun’s Treat Clincher

Premium Dog Products: The Indestructible Treat Clincher │BarkerFun

In creating her dog products, Susan laid down her three main objectives; one, it had to be held off the ground. Second, it must have a vice grip on the treat, where you or your dog can’t easily remove it. Lastly, it had to be indestructible.

The Treat Clincher was the result of that. It is a dog treat holder that can safely secure a treat to a fixed object, allowing your dog to chew on it while you, on the other hand, can work and keep an eye on them from a safe distance.

“We can hold lots of different long-lasting dog treats.”

That means that it can hold more than just bully sticks! It can also accommodate frozen treats and slobbery bones!

This dog product is designed to last for generations and withstand hundreds of pounds of chewing and gnawing force. That makes it perfect for any dog size and breed!

What’s even more impressive about this is that BarkerFun also includes a complimentary custom wrench with every purchase of the Treat Clincher. It would serve those with small or arthritic hands well.

“It’s one of those secret gifts you put in a box that delights people when they open it.”


Those interested in purchasing the Treat Clincher may order one directly from BarkerFun’s website. You may also visit their site to learn more about this dog treat holder.

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