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Episode 129 – Yvonne Wallace Blane

Yvonne Wallace Blane

Yvonne Wallace Blane
Yvonne has been a wildlife rehabilitator and educator since co-founding Fellow Mortals with Steve Blane in 1985. She graduated from UW-Wisconsin Whitewater with a B.A. in English and an individualized minor in Earth Sciences. Yvonne currently acts as Executive Director, Director of Rehabilitation, Grantwriter, Social Media and Online Fundraising Professional and Advanced Wildlife Rehabilitator.

Fellow Mortals has provided care for 50,000 individual wild birds and mammals to date. Her specialties are captive care of aerial insectivores, including common nighthawk and chimney swift, and the use of wild unreleasable birds for conspecific fostering of wild orphans, a field which she helped to pioneer with the late Marlys Bulander, of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


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