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Tably from An App that Uses AI for Feline Pain Assessment

vTably from An App that Uses AI for Feline Pain Assessment

A nagging problem for you as a pet owner is taking care of your ill cat. But cats are not like dogs; feline pain assessment is much more subtle. Veterinarians treat cats like small dogs and often miss what’s going on. 

Artificial innovation is bringing innovation in pet care. With an app developed by Dr. Groeneveld, an AI program can now accurately read the pain scale of a cat up to 96 percent. All you have to do is take many pictures of cats.

Many skeptics would raise an eyebrow, but there are symptoms invisible to the human eye that the program can catch. Like humans’ facial recognition tools, the Ai accomplishes this by reading the ratio of the cat’s eyes, ears, and muscles. The program has a patent, and companies, even the tech experts at Silicon Valley, have been interested. 


Diagnosing Cats

Tably from An App that Uses AI for Feline Pain Assessment

If your cat is over eight years old, it is bound to have a stack of health issues—arthritis and other declining health problems. However, older cats often hide in pain, so gauging their pain levels is much more complex.

If your cat is in pain, the app can tell you when to bring it to the vet. 

“The industry for pet care is growing, but cats still need to receive preventive care more than dogs”.


How AI Can Solve the Problem of Pain Assessment in Cats

Tably from An App that Uses AI for Feline Pain Assessment

Dr. Groeneveld says she hopes that through the app, big lakes of data can help the species as a whole and take digital medicine to new heights. She says their approach is domain-led instead of product-led, so they can be more motivated and stay true to their purpose.

The biggest market for the product, she reveals, is millennials. If you are one, you understand how paranoid you can get in predicting your cat’s mood. Is the cat just being grumpy, or is it in pain already? The app can validate that you are doing a great job as a responsible pet owner.

Since AI is concerned, some are concerned about the ethics of this emerging practice. But the founder believes that if we embrace AI and hold ourselves accountable, there is nothing to worry about.


If you want to check out the app, it is available in iOS (for now), and the name is Tably. You can check out more details on the Sylvester AI website!

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