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2020-10-04 Balvenie’s Journey

Doobert Airepup Mission 20-024-MO, #SOAR9318, was executed on Sunday, October 4th, 2020.  This mission was a multi-legged trip from Howell, MI to Durham, NC and was accomplished by both car and airplane.  The client was an Airedale Terrier puppy, eventually named Balvenie by the new owners: the Dan & Alex Schnitzer family (they name their dogs after types of Scotch Whiskey). This mission was coordinated by Doug Dunbar.
Leg 1: Lynn O’Shaughnessy, driving from Howell, MI to Bowling Green, OH
Leg 2: Diane & Dave Kleeberger, driving from Bowling Green, OH to Delaware, OH
Leg 3: Rick Hunt with copilot Darren Schehl, flying from Delaware, OH to Mt. Airy, NC
Leg 4: Adopter Dan Schnitzer, driving from Mt. Airy, NC to home at Durham, NC
A video of this adventure can be seen on YouTube:

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