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Connecting You Deeper With Your Animals | Animal Michael Lane

Animal Michael Lane connects you deeper to your animal companions

Are you having problems communicating with your animal companions?

Animal Michael Lane is an animal communicator who can help you connect deeper with your animals.

According to Michael,

“My main job is really animal communication. And that is through telepathy, which, I know, is like a woo woo thing. But it’s actually pretty practical.”

Becoming Animal Michael Lane

animal michael lane website

Michael has been a professional editor of movie trailers for years. However, he’s always loved animals.

In fact, he credits all his experience—and where he is today—to his four-legged companions.

“I never grew up with cats. I got a cat in my twenties. And that experience, the relationship I had with my cats, made me realize, ‘Oh my God. I care about this animal just as deeply as any human.’ Even putting it in words doesn’t do it justice.”

Eventually, he had other experiences along the way with animals that made them more important to him.

This went on until one day, he started feeling burnout in his film editing career.

“I was just wondering, ‘Is there something else I can do?’ So, I went on a month-long trip. I volunteered to help rehabilitate abused elephants in Thailand,”

he said.

This experience would later prove to be fateful since it made Michael realize that he wanted to do something to help animals.

At the time, however, Michael had no idea how he would go through it.

So what he did was take an animal communication class.

Michael shared, looking back,

“In that class, the teacher was communicating with other people’s animals. And the people could easily confirm that her details were right. So, I became more serious in the study.”

After learning the animals’ natural language, Michael thought of using this skill to communicate with them to solve problems.

To this end, his services include helping find lost animals, energy healing, and end-of-life support for pets.

Energy healing is a non-invasive way to support the health and well-being of our furry companions. On the other hand, end-of-life support is for animals who are at the end of their lives, while emotional support is for their humans.

Michael lives in the Hollywood Hills with his wife Diahann and his family of cats: Butch, Sundance, Picasso, Lyle, Yoda, and Luna Bear.

His goal is to not only help people with their immediate issues with their animals but also connect us all on a deeper level to our brother and sister animals.


Learn more about Michael Lane!

Visit their website at

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