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Applying The Principles Of Natural Holistic Health For Cats │ Purrrfectly Holistic

Applying The Principles Of Natural Holistic Health For Cats │ Purrrfectly Holistic

In modern health, one can consider using a holistic approach to ensure your pet’s health. It is becoming truer as an alternative now that holistic medicine is more readily available. Though, it does make many pet owners wonder which approach or method of holistic health for cats is safest and most effective. 

If you’re relatively new to the holistic approach in pet healthcare, you can reach out to businesses that are veterans, like Purrrfectly Holistic. They will make your introduction to this medical approach much smoother!


Importance of Holistic Health and Approaches

Applying The Principles Of Natural Holistic Health For Cats │ Purrrfectly Holistic

Cats are absolute masters in hiding pain. Since cats have a long history of surviving in the wild before they were domesticated, they have this instinct to act strong and hide the pain. Due to this innate nature, diagnosing cats and noticing they are hurting is harder. 

That is when holistic health for cats can come into play. 

The holistic method in animal health is a type of approach that sees, examines, and treats the animal as a whole. It also evaluates the entire situation when treating animals and their disease or health condition. It is about looking into everything imaginable — diet, exercise, environment, signs of illness, stress, and other individual issues.

Pam Roussell, the founder of Purrrfectly Holistic, mainly focuses on Muscle Testing to evaluate imbalances and assess the body’s needs. The approach gathers information by tapping into the animal’s nervous system to ‘talk’ to its body. It’s about asking the body yes or no questions. 

Through that, you can identify where the imbalances and stressors lie. 

“You can stop doing what’s hurting, start doing what you need to do to improve the situation, and continue the things that are working that are benefiting.” 

You can improve the whole process with a holistic approach and Muscle Testing.

“It helps streamline the whole health process, whether emotional, physical, or spiritual.”


How can Purrrfectly Holistic Help

Applying The Principles Of Natural Holistic Health For Cats │ Purrrfectly Holistic

Pam offers remote-style Muscle Testing to cat owners needing a holistic approach. She uses a picture of the animal and goes through a long series of questions and inquiries about the pet to narrow down the answers. Mostly about food, diet, medicines, supplements, fleas, grooming products, and anything else that can affect or impact a cat’s lifestyle and health. 

She will carefully analyze everything to pinpoint the root of the problem to develop proper solutions. She will provide recommendations and offer energy-clearing sessions to balance the sensitivities and stressors of the cat! 

“My goal and passion are educating pet parents on how to apply a more holistic approach to their pet’s overall healthcare.”

Aside from Muscle Testing consultations, Purrrfectly Holistic also has a shop selling natural and holistic health products for your cats! They also have other various services and workshops you can avail! 


Better tune in on Purrrfectly Holistic’s official website to learn more. Additionally, they also have a radio show you can listen to, as well as consistent weekly events to look forward to! 

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