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Empowering Pet Parents Into Making Informed Lifestyle Adjustments | 5Strands

5strands empower pet parents into making informed lifestyle and dietary adjustments

“Prevention is better than cure”—or so the saying goes.

Fortunately, for pet parents like us, companies like 5Strands Affordable Testing is here to help!

A proactive solution to pets’ health, 5Strands empowers pet parents into making informed dietary and lifestyle adjustments for their animals’ better health.

As per Austin Collins, who is the CEO of 5Strands Affordable Testing,

“We do a non-invasive hair analysis tests to determine the food and environmental intolerances that pets are experiencing every day, from things that they’re either consuming or being exposed to in their environment.”

How 5Strands Help Pets and Their People

how 5strands helps pets and pet parents

If you’re looking for your very own roadmap to better health, 5Strands provides a functional health assessment that doesn’t merely rely on recommending prescriptions, topicals, or other short-term relief.

Instead, what they offer is an at-home collection kit that you can easily use to get more information on your pets’ environmental, dietary, and household sensitivities.

This way, pet owners can make adjustments that reduce the discomforts that pets experience. This includes lowering the chances of them getting an upset stomach, constantly scratching, or biting.

“There’s no blood work… We only need hair, and we’re able to then test for over 600 plus items. So, it’s very amazing and very extensive reporting that hopefully gives pet parents some insight on how to help their pet,”

Austin said, describing the process.

The hair collection process is quick and painless. You can also get the results within 7-10 days from 5Strands’ receipt of your test samples.

As for when to try it on your pet, Austin said that it depends on what type of pet parent you are.

“We always say this is a proactive solution to bettering your pet’s health. But most of the time, we never really recognize that there’s an issue until a pet actually expresses discomfort. So, if you see your dog or cat constantly scratching, then that kind of lets you know… But you can obviously take it before any of those issues present themselves.”

How Does 5Strands Work?

how 5strands affordable testing works

If you’re worried about how long it takes, there’s really no need to be. All you need is to order a 5Strands kit, grab five strands of hair, and send the sample back to them for testing.

It’s also vital to register your kit online. Once they receive your samples, 5Strands will notify you that they’ve received them.

After that, they upload the testing results onto their mobile app or customer portal. And from that point on, they’ll try to break them down for you so you can understand how to interpret the data.

They actually have experts on their staff to help answer any questions on how to integrate those reports into your lifestyle. This way, you won’t feel lost, and you’ll have a direction on where to go next.

“Whenever you take these types of tests with us, we provide parameters to help you start to eliminate what the actual issues are  and then have a few items in those key categories that you can start to supplement,”

shared Austin.

If that makes you feel excited about 5Strands, then you’re in luck! They offer 10% OFF if you buy from them today using the code “DOOBERT10“.



Learn more about 5Strands!

Visit their website at

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