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Helping Men Awaken to Their Path by Letting Their Dogs Lead | Dogs and Men

dogs and men help men awaken to their path

A connection between dogs and men that you can use to live a life of purpose and extraordinariness.

That’s what Michael Overlie, an energy healer, Canine-Partnered Energy Coach, and author, does with Dogs and Men.

According to Michael,

I combine all these things to create a different way for men to find a better way to live—to get from this place of anger, to being able to find peace and love in every day. And we use your dog to help you get there.”

From Childhood to Dogs and Men

the process for dogs and men

A lifelong dog fanatic, Michael has had a gift of connecting with animals since his younger years. In fact, dogs have been his “teacher”, having been with him for most of his life and teaching him valuable life lessons.

However, it was only after his brother died that Michael fully awakened to his own potential in helping other men awaken to the gifts available to them from their own dogs.

From then on, Michael has dedicated himself to assisting men and their dogs to discover their path to living a life of purpose and being extraordinary.

“Let’s call it a healing ‘cause I’m not a therapist. I’m not a licensed clinical professional… But it’s healing. It’s healing on many levels. Think about as if you have an incredible bond with your animal… But there’s something else there. It’s not just about ‘Oh, they make me feel comfortable.’”

In fact, as per Michael, he considers it a success when a client remembers who they are at their core and begins to create a life of love from a life of anger and fear.

The Process for Dogs and Men

from childhood to dogs and men

When asked what the process looks like for people who come to Dogs and Men for help, Michael said that it comes under the guise of life coaching. This is because people have different journeys they go through, as they get from wherever they are at the moment in their life, to a destination that they find more desirable.

“Included with the way I do it is these other awarenesses and practices with these energetic teachers (i.e., dogs) and creating presence. Our dogs [and cats] can help us become extremely present. They help bring us right here, right now… So, I take a very different approach in integrating these animals, their behaviors, and our relationship into creating a [customized] program for every person,”

he added.



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