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Affordable, Healthy Dog Food Options Customized and Delivered for Your Pooch | Breck & Bailey

Breck & Bailey Customizes and Delivers Healthy Dog Food to your doorstep

If you’re looking for healthy and fresh dog food options that are personalized for your pooch and delivered to your door, Breck & Bailey may have what you need.

A startup with headquarters in Denver, Breck & Bailey is a company that produces fresh dog food and dog products. It leads the pack in launching an innovative and socially responsible business model that aims to help as many canines as possible live long, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

As per Nick Coy, who serves as the CEO and founder of Breck & Bailey,

“We’re very focused right now on just making sure that quality is there for every single dog that we serve. And I’m hoping that we can really get this going and show people that dogs are family, and we should feed them like family and treat them like family.”

Breck & Bailey personalized dog meal options

Jumping in With Breck & Bailey

During the podcast, Nick shared that the organization’s story started when one of their dogs started exhibiting severe health symptoms.

“After that, we really started looking into how nutrition could positively affect his life and give him more years. And next thing I knew, I was doing a ton of research, talking to a bunch of specialists and consultants… I started gathering ideas and doing a ton of research. And a few years later, we jumped full in.”

Breck & Bailey website homepage

To bring Breck & Bailey to life, however, Nick and his colleagues had to hire dog lovers who are also great chefs with their own restaurants and human food businesses.

“They put a lot of passion to food. And then there’s the nutrition side…so we hired a team of nutritionists to help us formulate the correct way to do all of this. And I’m very confident that we have a very superior dog food…since we’ve put the time, research, and love into it that we have,”

Nick stated.

A Unique Vision With Breck & Bailey

Breck & Bailey also takes pride in continuing to do product research to try and figure out how to make the best possible innovation for all of our furry friends.

Breck & Bailey healthy dog food options

Nick shared,

“We’re not just putting ingredients together. This is something different. It’s nutritionally balanced. It meets all the needs. It tastes good, it’s fresh, it’s healthy.”

In fact, some of their products’ ingredients include real chicken spinach, quinoa, and millet. According to Nick, they don’t use the standard components since they don’t want to cut corners when it comes to canine health.

In addition to that, another thing that makes Breck & Bailey unique is that they also have a variety of ways to give back to their shelter and nonprofit partners.

“We’re partnering with shelters and rescues all over the country and then just a lot of other people that do other things for dogs, like transport…any way that we can find a way to partner with them,”

Nick added.

Breck & Bailey helping rescue and nonprofit partners

For instance, if somebody adopts a dog out from a shelter or rescue, and they end up buying the dog food products from Breck & Bailey, the company gives the shelter up to 3% of those sales.

Nick also uses his background in sales and marketing to help shelters co-create content. Apart from that, they also have a “Shelter Shop”, where Breck & Bailey sells things like little hats and dog treats from other companies and dog toys and dog bowls.

Breck & Bailey shelter shop

The idea behind the Shelter Shop is not to turn it into a profit center but to have another way to give back to their shelter partners. After all, for Nick and Breck & Bailey, building that relationship and working with them is what helps dogs at the end of the day.

“And that’s what’s important… As long as my family is getting by, and we’re surviving…the goal of this company is really to get back to the dogs that have done so much for us. I wouldn’t be the person I am if it wasn’t for my dogs. And I know a lot of people out there feel the exact same way. So, this is just a way for us to kind of continue doing that and build a business that we love.”



Learn more about Breck & Bailey:

Visit their website at

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