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8 Skills to Offer Your Local Animal Shelter

8 Skills to Offer Your Local Animal Shelter

8 Skills to Offer Your Local Animal Shelter

When we think about volunteering for an animal shelter, the first thing that comes into our minds is cleaning kennels, feeding animals, or taking dogs out for walks. And while that’s true, what we can offer as volunteers doesn’t stop there. The truth is, you can volunteer at an animal shelter even if caring for animals isn’t your forte. Just use whatever skill you do have! So take your pick at the skills listed below and lend a helping hand to your local animal shelter!


Photography or Videography

Are you good at taking photos? That’s awesome! Animal shelters often need help taking photos of their adoptable animals for adoption profiles or social media. If you could use your photography skills to capture good quality images of adorable fur babies, you’d be helping to increase their chances of getting adopted.

Or, perhaps, your talent lies in shooting and editing videos? That’s great! During your free time, why not help your local animal shelter showcase the amazing personalities of their animals online by capturing priceless moments on video?

Graphic or Web Design

Like most organizations, animal shelters utilize online resources to gain traction. So if you happen to be creative and tech-savvy, you could help your local animal shelter improve their online presence by helping them create compelling images to post on their social media.

If you have web design skills, then maybe you could offer to freshen up the look and interface of their website to make it more appealing and easier to navigate for visitors.

Social Media Management

Good with words, hashtags, or ads? Perfect! You can use your skill to help your local animal shelter gain traction on their social media accounts so they can reach more people. You’d be helping them find adopters, volunteers, and even attendees for their events!

Arts and Crafts

Are you the king or queen of DIY? You may just be the person your local animal shelter is waiting for! Animal shelters are always in need of fresh fundraising ideas and your knack for creating amazing things from mere household items may be their ticket to reaching their fundraising goals!

Knitting or Crocheting

If you’re skilled at knitting or crocheting, creating blankets or coats for shelter animals is a great idea. If you’re up for it, you could even sell them online and donate the money to your local animal shelter.


Yep! If you’re good with fixing or building stuff, you can certainly offer your skill to your local animal shelter. Anything from helping out with shelter renovation to patching up ceiling leaks to building cat trees would be highly appreciated.


Like any other organization, animal shelters deal with accounting paperwork. You could help your local animal shelter organize adoption fees, donations, and grants, as well as balance their expenses for overall animal care.


If you’re a lawyer or a lawyer in training, you could lend your knowledge to help your local animal shelter stay on top of contracts, legal forms, copyright on videos, flyers, or brochures created for advertising, and other things relating to legality.


So what skill will you be offering your local animal shelter?

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