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Helping Companies Establish Offices That Treat Dogs as a Friend | Connected Canine

Connected Canine helps companies establish and manage offices that treat dogs as a friend

It’s become increasingly common to bring pet dogs into the workplace.

Luckily, there are organizations like Connected Canine that help organizations accommodate requests for and manage dog-friendly office premises.

Founded by Jeff Skalka, Connected Canine saves companies money and time by providing pet-friendly workspace design, an HR toolkit, and onsite pet services.

They also have a technology platform that automates administrative work for businesses and provides a seamless experience for employees.

Jeff observed,

“What we’ve really seen is that the companies who are most interested in speaking with us are…really looking for ways to entice people to want to come back to the office. They’re looking for ways to reduce employee turnover.”

Turning Companies into Offices That Treat Dogs as a Friend with Connected Canine

Connected Canine website

According to a journal published by Frontiers in Veterinary Science, allowing employees to take their Fidos along into the office is a new strategy you can use to promote work engagement.

After all, workers who brought their pooches to work showed significantly higher employee commitment, work engagement, and quality of life.

And this is what Jeff, together with the Connected Canine team, wishes to help businesses with.

“It’s not just that it sounds fun. But, there’s a lot of research that shows that there are real, tangible benefits. And some of those are what I just mentioned: reducing employee turnover, enhancing engagement, encouraging collaboration among employees. So, it’s really exciting for us.”

Connected Canine employee benefits of having a dog-friendly workplace

Connected Canine is a company that provides value by adding to its clientele’s bottom line. It’s also unique in that its dog-friendly workspaces and onsite services encourage employee collaboration.

Having happy, healthy, engaged, loyal, and collaborative workers are what Connected Canine envisions for other companies.

“We really wanted to focus on making sure that we’d be a good fit for any potential client,”

Jeff said.

A Tip from Connected Canine

Connected Canine benefits of dog-friendly companies

With a lot of people acquiring pets over the past years, it’s predominantly Gen Z and Millenials who comprise the number of pet parents who value their furry children as family members.

Consequently, Jeff suggests using this data to craft a low-cost but high-impact solution for corporations.

“As far as companies that are interested in learning more about how to do this, all of the companies that I’ve spoken with so far, they are not really kind of pet care-focused companies. But when you think about it, from the employer’s eyes, what are the ways you can encourage your people to come back to the office? And then two, economically, what makes sense?”

about connected canine

Jeff also takes pride in the fact that in addition to being a company with experience and expertise in Human Resource Management, Connected Canine also has an understanding of pet behavior and relevant expertise.

Moreover, they also have an important understanding of what makes an environment successful and provide a compelling solution.

“We have trained professionals that can come and be able to exercise your dogs to keep them healthy, happy, and less stressed so that they’re not stressing out the owner… We work on helping keep the office as productive and as responsible and safe as possible,”

Jeff remarked.



Learn more about Connected Canine!

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