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Animal Rescue of the Week: Episode 49 – Renegade Animal Welfare & Rescue

FB 49. Renegade Animal Welfare & Rescue_Animal Rescue of the Week

FB 49. Renegade Animal Welfare & Rescue_Animal Rescue of the Week

Renegade Animal Welfare & Rescue was founded in 2018 and has since helped over 600 animals find their way out of shelters in Central and Northern California and into no-kill rescues all over the western US and even Canada! They work directly with their partner rescues who are thoroughly vetted to provide the best homes possible for some of the neediest animals. They take in a large percentage of senior animals and animals with medical issues, such as mange or injuries requiring surgery. RAWR also started the first $5 shot clinic in their area, offering vaccines for dogs, cats, and microchips for only $5. Their goal is to continue to bring low-cost initiatives to their area to help low-income families to be good pet parents, as well as continuing to rescue the neediest of animals.


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