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Pet Boots Designed to Prevent Paw Injuries | Healers Petcare

Pet Boots Designed to Prevent Paw Injuries | Healers Petcare

If your dog ever suffered from an injury or a paw wound, then you might already know how excruciating the pain can be for your pet.

And yet, home care for dogs’ paw injuries is not only time-consuming; it’s also challenging. Not many pet products can help protect your pups’ paw injuries while they’re in the process of recovering.

A similar situation happened with Terri Entler’s German Shepherd Jake. It opened Terri’s mind to building innovative pet healthcare products.

Eventually, it drove her to establish Healers Petcare, Inc, a company that aims to manufacture and engineer innovative pet products that help keep your pets healthy and safe.

The Experience That Created Healers Petcare

Pet Boots Designed to Prevent Paw Injuries | Healers Petcare


According to Terri, it all started when she and her family were out enjoying camping, and her children took Jake for a hike in the woods. When they came back,

“I kind of looked at the ground and noticed that there was blood all over the ground and the dirt. And I was like, ‘Uh oh, what’s wrong?’ And I looked at his paws, and every one of Jake’s paws had been burned off by the hot…soil and cement… We live in Oregon, and it doesn’t get super hot here. I never would have thought that taking a dog for a hike in the woods would cause his paws to melt, literally melt…”

Per conventional wisdom, Terri and her family then put socks on Jake’s injuries and covered them with duct tape before taking their pooch to the veterinarian. However, treatment was terrible, and since they were told that it would take two months for the wounds to completely heal, Terri and her family needed to administer home care daily for the injuries.

“It’s like losing a fingernail for a human… For twice a day, we’d have to unwrap the paws, soak it, put medicine on it, wrap it. The vet only had gauze, and the gauze would stick to the wound when it was starting to crack, scab up. It was just a nightmare. And the boots on the market that we went to try to find to protect it, didn’t breathe, so they would get sweaty and get infected that way. And so…we worked for a year with veterinarians and created what I call our ‘medical boots’. So, that’s what got it started,”

Terri reminisced.

Although an actual electrical engineer by profession, the situation opened Terri’s mind to the importance of developing healthcare products that are necessary for Jake’sand other wounded dogs’safety and recovery.

Protecting Your Pets With Healers Petcare

Specializing in rehabilitation and injury prevention products for pets, Healers Petcare, Inc. now offers products like their famous medical dog boots, leg wraps, and urban walkers. However, Terri and her staff always make it a point to take feedback from customers in an effort to continuously improve their product lines.

She continued,

“We just keep building on pet health. All we wanna do is focus on pet health… We spend a lot of time researching and talking to people who can give us a lot of input. Even veterinarians want their animals healthy and not in pain or injured or anything like that.”

Although they are working hard in the meantime to get more into the brick-and-mortar stores and enable pet owners to buy Healers Pet Care products whenever they need them, they still continuously develop new product lines to offer potential customers.

In fact, they also work with the Guide Dogs for the Blind and recently carry a line of supplements and wound healing solutions that they produced from natural ingredients in order to support natural healing. So, if you want to ensure your dogs’ well-being, Healers Petcare, Inc.’s products may be a choice worth looking into.


Interested to know more about Healers Pet Care?

Check out their website at

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