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Pooch Paper: The Future Of Dog Waste Bags

Pooch Paper: The Future Of Dog Waste Bags For A Cleaner And Healthier Environment

Tracy Rosensteel, the founder of Pooch Paper, was once like every other fur parent. She was living in Manhattan, walking her French bulldog almost every day, when she noticed that trash bins along the way stunk and were full of single-use plastics as dog waste bags.

“We ingest a credit card-sized amount of plastic per week.”

With this in mind, she became more determined and interested in resolving environmental and responsible pet care and ownership.


What Is Pooch Paper?

Pooch Paper: The Future Of Dog Waste Bags For A Cleaner And Healthier Environment

Made and manufactured in the USA, Pooch Paper is free of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) and non-chlorine bleached sheet alternatives for dog waste bags. They are both compostable and biodegradable paper. 

To this day, Pooch Paper has gained more positive and less negative comments from its consumers. In addition, the company already has seven products, including the two Pooch Paper sizes, to cater to almost every fur parent.

“We have a sheet instead, and it is a lot larger than a plastic bag.”

The team ensured that the company partnered with paper manufacturing folks in the industry to bring an eco-friendly product to the world. 


Ascending Above Environmental Adversity: Pooch Paper From Challenges To Success

Pooch Paper: The Future Of Dog Waste Bags For A Cleaner And Healthier Environment

Pooch Paper struggled to make a name like any other product in the industry. 

Before Pooch Paper became successful in the market, Tracy Rosensteel and her team struggled with their first few prototypes. Their mission is to mitigate the destructive environmental impact of plastic on the atmosphere.

Take note that plastic is not bio-degradable in nature. Further, a study suggests approximately 500 million dog waste bags clog landfills in the US annually. 

“I believe we’re the only product in the market that’s also PFAS-free.”

What’s interesting about the founder, Tracy Rosensteel, is that she had no academic background or work expertise in chemical engineering. But one thing she thought that helped her with the success of Pooch Paper was how she had experience being a fur mom picking up dog poops.


Given all this information, if you are a fur guardian like Tracy who wants to help the environment and reduce negative health impacts, check out a Pooch Paper product and put it into your cart.

Luckily, Pooch Paper has been around in eleven states in the US and has 2,000 retail stores nationwide. In addition, they are looking forward to expanding the business abroad!

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