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Batman Helps Ollie to His Furever Home!

Batman has just completed his second rescue mission! He was part of an awesome Doobert team that helped bring Ollie, one of the coolest Shih Tzu’s Batman’s ever met, to his forever home in Umatilla, Florida.

Ollie’s story began in Ohio where he was able to escape from an Amish puppy Mill situation. Dogs in these puppy mills are treated like livestock and left to withstand poor conditions. There are anywhere from 10 to 1,000 dogs on these puppy mill farms and they spend their entire lives in cages only to be taken out to breed. Luckily Carolyn with Story Tellers Express Rescue was able to get Ollie out of there!

Ollie then went to live all the way up North in Canton New York (that’s almost to Canada!) with his awesome foster parent Cyndi. Ollie’s next journey would bring him all the way to Sunny Florida to escape the 14-degree Cold. Over 20 different volunteers would make Ollie’s transport down to Florida possible. Thanks to these amazing people Batman was able to drop Ollie off to his forever parents George and Jo. Ollie was a great riding companion and sat right on Batman’s lap the whole way there. Batman thinks Ollie knew where he was going and excited for his new lease on life with his loving forever family! – Batman Signing Off.

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