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Blood Protein Supplements Proven to Reduce Stress in Dogs | WINPRO

Blood Protein Supplements Proven to Reduce Stress in Dogs | WINPRO

Have you ever heard of blood protein supplements?

As it turns out, they’re amazing at reducing inflammation caused by stress.

What will surprise you, though, is that the science behind it has actually been around for years.

This, despite the fact that many of us may only be hearing about it for the first time.

In the 1980s, blood proteins were used to reduce stress in piglets that were being weaned. Later on, people began using it on farm animals and eventually, performance racehorses, too.

As a matter of fact, it worked so well on horses that it became known as “a performance revolution” in the racehorse world.

Seeing their amazing benefits, businessman and dog-lover, Bill Bernardo, decided to bring them into the dog world.

WINPRO Supplements to Relieve Dogs from Inflammation

Blood Protein Supplements Proven to Reduce Stress in Dogs | WINPRO

We got the chance to interview Tim Mitchum, president of WINPRO. He gave us the inside scoop on how blood protein supplements work and WINPRO’s humble beginnings.

Like many of us, Tim wasn’t familiar with blood proteins and what they could do.

So when one of his friends suggested that he try WINPRO for his chihuahua, he was skeptical.

After all, his little friend hadn’t jumped on the couch for almost three years.

Nonetheless, once his dog started taking the supplements, it started bouncing around the house like a puppy again.

Tim then realized that the reason why his pet stopped jumping up on the couch wasn’t that she didn’t want to but because it was too painful to do so.

Since that day, the company won him over, and he became a big believer in the product.

However, WINPRO doesn’t only offer supplements for joint health they have several blood protein supplement variants that target different parts of the body.

They have supplements meant to help relieve dog allergies, reduce stress and anxiety, boost immunity, and even enhance stamina and recovery for dogs that do a lot of physical training.



Learn more about WINPROPet!

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