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Can Parvo Make A Dog Aggressive?

Can Parvo Make A Dog Aggressive?

The Canine Parvovirus is a highly infectious and deadly disease that strikes fear into the hearts of fur parents and veterinary teams. One of the main concerns regarding this illness is “can parvo make a dog aggressive?”

If you want to know the answer, then read until the end!


Can Parvo Make A Canine Aggressive?

There have been rumors and whispers about how parvo is making dogs aggressive in the pet industry. It is a legitimate concern for most pet owners as it can harm other pets, occupants, and the dog itself.

Can parvo make a dog aggressive? The short answer is no. Parvo does not make a dog act or behave aggressively. In fact, it can cause almost the opposite — parvo can make a dog feel weak and lethargic. 

The Canine Parvovirus is a highly contagious and often fatal infection that attacks the immune system of young and poorly vaccinated dogs. It is a very aggressive condition that swiftly divides the blood cells in the canine’s body, causing problems with the intestinal tract and severe damage to the heart’s muscles, which can lead to lifelong cardiac problems. 

The virus can live for months in any environment, including carpets, food bowls, shoes, and even timber floors. The resistant nature of parvo makes it a dangerous threat to any canine’s health. Although vaccines are proven effective, the mortality rate is still high, reaching about 91% for untreated cases. 


How To Manage Parvovirus

Since the answer to “can parvo make a dog aggressive” is a resounding “no”, what are the ways to manage and treat parvo?

No specific treatment or cure is available that kills the virus in infected canines. Instead, treatment aims to stabilize the dog until its immune system is strong enough to fight off the virus.

Ideally, the best parvo treatment option is a hospital stay for several days to a week to receive aggressive treatment. Even if the diagnosis is made during the early stages of the disease, several medications are needed to correct diarrhea and vomiting. If hospitalization is not an option, then consider outpatient care (giving the dog daily injections and fluids with good nursing care at home)

Intravenous fluids, strong antibiotics, and anti-nausea medications are commonplace when treating Parvo. A broad spectrum of antibiotics is needed to fight off the secondary bacterial infections that could accompany the virus. 

With hospitalization and aggressive treatment, the survival rate for Parvo is 80-90%. Early diagnosis followed by aggressive treatment is necessary for the best possible outcome. 


How To Prevent Parvo

Can Parvo Make A Dog Aggressive?

Since Parvo has no available cure yet, it is better to prevent it at all costs. Remember, once a dog contracts Parvo, the whole kennel is in grave danger of catching it. A vaccine is a dog’s best shield against a deadly disease.

A dog parvovirus vaccine is considered a critical vaccine for puppies. It is typically mixed with distemper, canine adenovirus, and parainfluenza vaccines. 

The most up-to-date vaccine immunizes canines against the newest strains of Parvo and is highly effective. Puppies can now receive vaccine between the ages of 14-16 weeks. It is followed by boosters a year later, then at one or three intervals. 

Aside from vaccines, a pet owner can do a few things to help prevent the virus. They can disinfect and clean all their dogs’ stuff, dispose of waste as promptly as possible, and stop them from making contact with strays. 



The canine parvovirus is a terrifying disease that can be hard to fight and survive. It is a viral condition that worries pet parents all around the globe. 

One of the many questions about it is whether or not can Parvo make a dog aggressive? The answer is no. Aggression is not one of its symptoms, which should be one less worry for fur parents.

Learning how to deal with contagious and deadly diseases is part of being a responsible pet parent. Visit Doobert now to help care for and save more fur babies by giving them a loving home! 

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