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Episode 18 – Casey Coughlin

Casey Coughlin

Casey Coughlin

Casey Coughlin is a dog trainer in Central, CT. She has been a full-time trainer running Inspiration Canine for the past 3 years. She was raised showing horses nationally until she hit college age, where she then moved her love for animal/human connection and teamwork to dogs! Casey started out in the world of punishment and dominance-based philosophies but after adopting a 1-year-old female mastiff and having those techniques fail miserably she started to cross over to the world of positive based training. Since then she has rejected all classifications of trainers and has landed in the camp of science-based and innovative dog training, looking at the dog and their family as a whole to use behavioral wellness to help families raise and train happy dogs for life. She has two border collies and participates in agility with both of them and enjoys training and hiking daily.

Inspiration Canine’s Website:

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