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I put Sugar on the front passenger seat.  Went around and got in on the other side.  She gave me the once-over, yawned and then curled up in a ball to sleep on the towels I had put down.  About a half mile up the road she started spinning around on the towels to try to get more comfortable.  Got up.  Gave me the once-over again.  Yawned.  Looked around the car.  Another long stare at me.  Went over to her grocery bag of worldly possessions.  Rustled around in there a bit in search of something. Pulled out all of her tiny pink coats.  Arranged them in a nest on top of the towels and then snuggled in real good.  She didn’t emerge again until we arrived in Annapolis.  Couldn’t ask for a better traveling companion – she was ADORABLE.  I hope she is going home soon!

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