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Volunteer Photographer’s Zone – Just for Pix & Giggles…

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Welcome back! I’m here for my next installment from The Volunteer Photographer’s Zone.

New Year – New Photo Volunteer Ops!

The new year brings lots of new ways to volunteer at with your photography and help saves animals’ lives — 4, 3, sometimes just 2 paws at a time!  There are innumerable organizations across the US that would love if you could bless them with your photo and creativity skills! Doobert is launching some new technologies within their platform to help you do just that!  In what ways can YOU help? Let’s look at the top 3 new opportunities:

  1. Hand-off Captures View the Intro Video-Spot.  This is on-location photo-journaling, and usually occurs on weekends
  2. Video Photo Stories – No wheels? No weekends available? Have photo editing software, and desktop/laptop? Help create Video Photo Stories! (Intro Video-Spot coming soon)  View a finished Video Photo Story here!  See Sample Slides below
  3. Photo Post-Production – Want to build your mad post-production skills?  Lots of photo volunteers will need you! Many can capture the image, but will need YOU to make it outstanding! From simple crops, to changing backgrounds and making montages, There is a huge need for post-production specialists

Equipment needed: ANY type of digital image capturing device!  

  • DSLR Camera
  • Point and shoot Digital Camera
  • Smart phones
  • Yes you can even use print film cameras and scan in your images!

Skills needed:

  • Positive attitude and smiles! That’s it!


Build your Photographer Profile on TODAY!

If you are looking for tips on what to, (or how to) purchase a new piece of photo equipment, here are some top recommends, and if you are on FB, search for us at Doobert Photographer Focus Group and ask to join, and pose questions to the group!  We are even working to launch monthly tag-ups in the FB Group, so we can all share stories and ask questions of each other.

A few Entry Level Point and Shoot Cameras $100-$400:

  • Canon PowerShot IXUS
  • SONY CyberShot DXC-WX-220
  • Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark III
  • Olympus Tough TG-5

Some Top Entry Level DSLRs under $1000:

  • Nikon D3000 & 5000 series (D3400, D3500, D5500, D5600)
  • Canon EOS Rebel T series and EOS D Series (Rebel T6i, Rebel T7i, 750D, 800D)

How can you help in 2019?

Post your ideas, suggestions, or questions in the comments section!

Love & Cheers,


visit me anytime at: BlueJ Imagery & Art

New Year, New Opportunities

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