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Delivering Pets’ Essential Needs Through Pet Hydration | Waggin Water

waggin water delivers pet additional nutrients for pet hydration

Water keeps our animals alive, but why not give them the additional nutrients they need for pet hydration?

Luckily, Waggin Water is here to help.

Founded by Drew Whited, Waggin Water aims to contribute to animals’ hydration, health, and wellness—one sip at a time.

According to Drew,

“Waggin Water is a brand dedicated to hydration for pets. Our mission is to deliver pets their most essential needs through water.”

Bringing Waggin Water to Life

Having been an entrepreneur for most of his adult life, Drew always knew since he was a kid that he wanted to do his own thing.

This drive led him to establish three different brands in the beverage space for humans in the last 10 years.

However, it was during his travels with his dog, Mickey, that he realized the need for water specifically for pets.

“I’d always be in different towns and different cities and hotels and just traveling a lot. And I’d always bring my dog with me. But countless times, I’d forget my collapsible bowl.”

Collapsible bowls are usually what pet parents bring to pour water and give their Fidos. But because of his experiences, Drew wanted to find a solution for him and his dog.

“I just had this immediate thought, like, why is there not something easier? Dogs drink water more times a day than they do anything else in the world.”

bringing waggin water to life

Armed with a new vision, Drew started taking steps to bring it to life.

“Fast forward, it’s both a blessing and a curse, right? This guy brought me in, but I’m starting a new category. There’s no demand for it because no one knows it exists… I’m basically going in there completely blind.”

But with grit and full belief in his vision, Drew learned to figure out what he needed to learn to turn his dream into a success.

“So I’ve learned a lot about my market for this current product, but then also our evolution into what we’re doing more of now… I got my first win at the same time, too, when Shark Tank hit me up. So, it all happened pretty quickly… It was kind of like a whole storm this year of just trying to handle that whole massive kind of opportunity.”



Learn more about Waggin Water!

Visit their website at

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