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Dog Food That Challenges Dog Years │ Happy Howl


Have you heard of dog food that is 100% human-grade? Yes, it exists. A few dog food products in the market are suitable or safe for human consumption. Though, they are heavily outnumbered by feed-grade products. 

Human-grade dog food is becoming increasingly popular in the pet industry. It has several benefits that feed grade lacks. If you’re considering switching your dog to human-grade food, try Happy Howl!


Feed Your Dog With 100% Human-Grade Dog Food

dog food that challenges dog years happy howl

According to Colin Buckley, Founder of Happy Howl,

“We have 100% human-grade dog food.”

Happy Howl is a company that offers healthy dog food made of wholesome and high-quality human-grade ingredients that can withstand and conquer the test of time. You can trust Happy Howl to deliver only healthy and delicious dog meals and recipes that are safe not just for your dog but also for you!

The Happy Howl recipes were created and perfected in Colin’s kitchen after his husky, Rocky, struggled to consume any brand and over-the-counter dog food on the market. 

“It’s just really a story of having a dog that had an issue that no one could diagnose.”

Colin brought Rocky to several vets and clinics. After hundreds of diet plans and countless food suggestions he tried with Rocky – Colin finally had enough.

Since no existing dog food works for Rocky, Colin figured he’ll make his dog food recipe. Hence the beginning of long, grueling hours of research and test runs in the kitchen. He eventually created a recipe he was happy with.

Colin created a nutrient-rich, all-natural dog food recipe that worked wonders on Rocky! To share his recipe with the world, he founded Happy Howl.

The company has three products; Tasty Turkey Feast, Grandma’s Beef Stew, and Lamb Beef Delight. All products are human-grade and have undergone the revolutionary steam pressure pasteurization process.

“There’s a mixture in our product that’s kind of like a variation of that. So, there’s a pressure and steam component of it.”

This cooking process ensures that the product stays fresh for at least two years! 

dog food that challenges dog years happy howl

Happy Howl’s Mission: Deliver Healthy Food to More Dogs

“We work with a network of rescues. About 50 animal rescues across the country and in different states.”

Aside from delivering healthy food to happy pups, Happy Howl also made it their mission to support rescues across the country. The company has a partnership program that allows them to give their partner rescue revenue through the sales of their products online. Happy Howl sees it as a way to help contribute to their funds and acquire new potential customers. 

“We do have some retail locations. We work with a lot of rescues. We work with some doggy daycares.”

Happy Howl encourages rescues, veterinarians, retailers, and groomers interested to partner with them. In doing so, they can help more dogs in need by not just filling their bellies but also filling their hearts with more love and care. 


You can apply at Happy Howl’s partner website if you are interested.

Visit their official website to learn more about Happy Howl and its products. It contains everything you need to know about Happy Howl – including its origin story, recipes, contact details, and policies. 

Lastly, you can get 40% off your first Happy Howl order! Just use the discount code: DOOBERT to apply it!

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