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Track and Coordinate Your Dog’s Activities | DogLog App

Are you having trouble monitoring your dog’s daily activities and health?

Thanks to the DogLog app, you can now have all this information at your fingertips!

Established by the father-and-daughter tandem Gideon and Lynn Marks, DogLog aims to become one of the best apps for dog owners in terms of keeping track of their dog’s daily activities and health.

Lynn shared,

“We are working to make DogLog into a platform where pet owners can better track and coordinate all of their pets’ daily activities and health.”

Making Pet Ownership Less Stressful With the DogLog App

According to Lynn, the idea for the pet-tracking app came up a few years back, when both she and her dad, Gideon, had to take care of their Labradoodle, Joy, while going to work at different times.

“In the morning, we would always want to make sure that our dog gets fed. And we realized that our dog just kept on tricking us into double-feeding her. This happened over and over, and we tried texting each other or calling or leaving sticky notes. But, you know, if the person doesn’t pick up, the dog—they’re pretending that they’re starving, and you don’t want your dog to starve. So, you, of course, have to feed them,”

she recounted.

It was only when their intelligent dog gained a little bit of weight that they realized they needed a system that would enable them to better communicate and coordinate all their efforts in caring for their pet.

This then sparked the idea for an app that can help pet parents like them access all dog-related information in one centralized place.

Lynn continued,

“Our first purpose was really to help pet owners be able to coordinate and communicate when multiple people are taking care of the same dog. So, what you do is you create a pack that includes all the pet caretakers as well as their pets. And anytime that someone does an activity with the pet, they log it. It notifies everyone else in their pack that their pet is being taken care of. And that was really the first use case or purpose of DogLog.”

Connecting All Aspects of Your Pet’s Life Using DogLog’s Features

With DogLog, you no longer need to ask more than once about your Fido’s activities. Not only does the app store and analyze all the relevant activities of your fur baby; DogLog on Google Play and iStore also provides analytics, reminders, and notes to share with the several people who may be taking care of your pet.

From their diet, chores, and medicines to their medical and social appointments, you can figure out the trends of your fur baby’s activities and enforce a routine.

This provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your pet is getting the care it needs.

Track and Coordinate Your Dog’s Activities | DogLog App

Despite not having a technological background—Lynn used to be a product manager by trade, while Gideon mentors startups and entrepreneurs—their mission to help make pets healthier and happier is what drives the father-daughter team to further enhance the app:

“Working on something like this, when you’re trying to figure out what features you want to add, it’s not like you’re just adding, let’s say, features for social media application, where it’s kind of just for fun. Like, these features are actually helping pet owners be able to take care of their pets better… So, really, everything that we’re trying to add and everything we’re doing to improve the app is really: How can we make pets live longer and how we make them happier?”

Along with Lynn’s brother, Ron, the family continues to improve the DogLog app and endlessly add features that give dog parents a much easier time to take care of their dogs.

“We really expanded to try to solve a lot of other use cases and problems that we’ve heard pet owners experiencing. So, we’re keeping on expanding the platform and seeing how many pet owners we can help make their pets healthier and happier,”

Lynn added.

To prove their point, one of the newest features they recently launched was the ability to export all your dog’s data into Spreadsheets or Word files. The goal was to give vets a more complete picture of all your pup’s data that may be necessary for its overall well-being.

Other features they are considering for the pet-tracking app include the ability to track the distance of your dog’s walks and record-keeping for trainers.

All in all, if you’re looking for a dog-health tracking app that can give you peace of mind as a pet parent, you might look at the DogLog app is as one of the best apps for dog owners.

Interested to learn more about the DogLog app?

Download their app or check out their website at

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