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Dot and Jim

My wife and I were leg 2 of a 2 day journey to get these pups to NY.  We picked them up around 930 am on Saturday morning, with the first leg running about 10 mins late due to incorrect paperwork and missing the stop.  We continued on towards Atlanta.  We also ran about 10 mins late to the 2nd stop.  Jim had horrible gas, so we stopped an addtional time to see if he needed a potty break.  Dot was quite the puppy, full of energy.  On the first day, I believe in total the run ended up being 30 mins late.  However, it seems day 2 people were able to pick up some of that and ended up running about a half hour ahead.

I hope Jim and Dot are happy in their new homes.  It is amazing that such a large group of people can all come together to get them from South Georgia to NY.

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