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Driving Miss Daisy

I have been driving rescues for close to two years, usually more than one dog.  I live in Richmond, Va, and sometimes go south and sometimes go north.  This was initially a one-hour transport until I was asked if I could take an extra leg.  As I was hosting a Christmas dinner for 8 on Sunday afternoon,  I went over in my mind what I had to do in order to add another leg to my journey and still give myself time to prepare for the meal. It entailed the following: a broccoli casserole, a green bean casserole, Mac and cheese from scratch, sweet potato pie, and other bits and pieces.  It would also be a nighttime run on I95, which can sometimes be a problem. However, I said yes and scrambled to get my preparations completed, and left around 5.15 pm for the first leg.

The meeting point I picked was further away from the interstate than I realized, but I had allowed myself extra time as I would be in an unfamiliar location.  I arrived around 7.45, thinking I would have time to get something to eat. But no.  Daisy arrived with her big comforter and piglet toy, took a break from the previous vehicle to pee, and got into the back of mine, promptly falling asleep.  She made a couple of whines along the way (the poor dog had started a very early journey in Florida, going from vehicle to vehicle). She had anxiety pills in her bag, but it wasn’t until about 10 minutes before my transfer location that she became anxious.  Her bed and breakfast people arrived a few minutes after me, and Daisy was good to go.  It was about 10.15 pm.  Hearing that she is now in her forever home makes all this worthwhile.  And dinner was a success!   My first transport through Doobert is in the books.

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