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Personalized Medicine for Your Dog With Cancer | FidoCure

fidocure precision medicine for dogs with cancer

Good news! If you’re worried about your dog with a tumor, FidoCure uses precision medicine to treat dogs with cancer.

Manufactured by the One Health Company, FidoCure aims to eradicate canine cancer. Along with that, their mission is to improve the quality of life for canine patients and give new hope to pet parents.

According to Christina Lopes, the CEO and co-founder,

“We’re the first and the leader in precision medicine for cancer in dogs. Cancer is a really big unmet need and is the number one killer of dogs… So, we work with a class of our own approach, which is really precision, really personalized medicine.”

Providing Precision Medicine for Dogs Cancer Through FidoCure

fidocure precision medicine

FidoCure is a product that uses genomic testing to identify potential cancer-causing mutations. Basically, it suggests which targeted therapies are likely most effective for your canine’s specific tumor.

In fact, thousands of canine companions have benefited from it that even leading veterinary oncologists vouch for it.

Christina explained,

“We’re looking at what’s driving that dog’s tumor. And then from there, we figure out what therapy…might be relevant and really enable this whole class of drugs called targeted therapies. They target the mutations, and the intent is to have more efficacious, gentler pills at home.”

This is in line with their ambition to collect data end-to-end so that every patient can really understand what works, what doesn’t, and start to improve on that.

“There are many, many factors that go into cancer, which makes cancers such a difficult disease. [So, you need] precision medicine that really goes at the genomic driver of cancer, and that’s our space.”

How FidoCure Works

If you ever find yourself needing FidoCure for your animal companions, here are the steps:

how fidocure works

Christina and her team at One Health Company made it so to ensure that it isn’t invasive and wouldn’t tax your pets.

“Our test has been validated, so that’s really exciting. We see what mutations are driving the cancer, and we give back to your veterinarian a beautiful, personalized medicine report that sketches out everything we’re seeing. More importantly, [it sketches out] what are the interventions…so we get information that leads to solutions that are actionable.”



Learn more about FidoCure!

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