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Find Dog-Inspired Gifts Made By Dog Lovers | BarkYours

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentines’ gift for your dog-loving partner, friend, or even just a little something for yourself, then you better check our BarkYours!

Founded by entrepreneur and major dog lover, Corey Abramowitz, BarkYours is an online shop filled with dog-inspired arts and crafts made by dog-loving artists!

But that’s not all, BarkYours also donates a portion of its sales to organizations dedicated to making the world a better place for our canine friends.

So by purchasing from BarkYours, you’ll not only be getting incredibly unique and affordable handcrafted items but also helping to support independent creatives as well as dog charities.

After going to several dog expos and meeting a bunch of talented artists creating amazing dog-themed products, Corey decided that he was going to find a way to help make it easy for them to market their items.

Alongside his wife, Corey started BarkYours, which has evolved from being a marketplace for dog-inspired gifts for humans to now an online shop that sells items for dogs as well.

So, what can you find on BarkYours? Almost anything!

From wallets to shirts to wall arts and even dog carriers—they all have it there! You can check out our top finds below.

Our Top finds on BarkYours

Personalized Treat Jar

How cute is this personalized treat jar? It’ll definitely look good on any countertop!

Plus, we believe you can request the seller to draw your own pooch on the jar.

Dog Bowls

Looking for a new dog bowl for your pup? Check out these handpainted ceramic dog bowls! Aren’t they the cutest?

You can also opt to personalize yours with your dog’s name, which is pretty neat.

Dog-themed Pillows

There’s no harm in being a proud dog-lover! Let your visitors know just how much you adore canines with these uber-artsy dog-themed pillows.

Dog-Inspired Greeting Cards

Sending your dog-loving friend or relative a card? Why not get them one of these?

They’ll certainly hold on to it long after they’ve received it.

Who wouldn’t? These cards look good enough to be put on display!

Dog Portrait

Are your walls looking a bit bare? This dog portrait is just the thing for adding some color to your living space.

The seller also offers portraits of other dogs so be sure to check those out!

3-D Pop Art

Another great option if you’re looking to liven up your home is these witty 3-D pop art pieces. They come in other designs, too!

Poop Bag Holder

Carry poop bags in style with this adorable dog-inspired poop bag! You can easily clip it onto your dog’s leash and quickly pull out a poop bag whenever you need to.

This comes in two more variants.



Learn more about BarkYours!

Visit their website at

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