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Forever Home for Peggy (hereafter “Bella”)

The transport came together well, with enough drivers to take Rocky & Bella from GA to DE in one day. On this particular transport, I had a prospective adopter for Bella, who was approved by the rescue in the few days leading up to the transport.

Were there any memorable moments from this transport?

The most memorable moment was when Bella met her new forever mom, Jeanne, and started wagging that little tail like crazy!

What could have made this transport better?

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Tell us about your passenger/s (behavior, demeanor, etc)?

These two pups were adorable together. They were close in size and seemed very comfortable with each other. Rocky is quite the personality pup and Bella is a snuggle bunny. I hope that Rocky will find a terrific forever home like Bella very soon.

Why did you take this transport, what compelled you to help?

I will always do whatever I can to help creatures in need. I brought a new Doobert recruit on this transport to show her the ropes, and she loved it! She’ll be transporting soon!

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