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Holistic Health Brought By Medicinal Mushrooms | Real Mushrooms

Holistic Health Brought By Fundamental Fungi

From the pantry-staple button mushrooms to the glorious truffle mushroom, it is undeniable that these yummy and medicinal mushrooms are increasing in popularity as the main source of food for many people.


Aside from being delicious, mushrooms are also a great way to improve health as proven by a lot of research studies! And of course, this popularity is also noticeable with the increase of pet parents incorporating mushrooms into their furbaby’s diet!


In this episode of Animal Innovations Show, we are accompanied by the amazing science team of Real Mushrooms. Let’s find out how mushrooms are beneficial for our pets and why you should think about using these fundamental fungi.


According to Dr. Robert Silver,

“Real Mushrooms is a Canadian company and we cultivate mushrooms by their USDA-organic standards. We are one of the largest in the world creating mushrooms that are potent, organic, and in need right now by our global population.”

Holistic Health Care with Medicinal Mushrooms

Dr. Robert has shared his 40 years of experience in innovating and cultivating different species of mushrooms that will improve animal health holistically. 


“We have ten different mushroom species that we cultivate and sell as individual mushrooms. We sell them as capsules, as powders, and some are even added to hot chocolate since chocolates are the best.”


The first products Real Mushrooms developed are meant to be ingested by humans. However, seeing that most of their clients also give these products to their pets, they decided to create a veterinary line that will cater to our dogs’ and cats’ health.

Holistic Health Brought By Medicinal Mushrooms | Real Mushrooms

The power of medicinal mushrooms to improve our pet’s health goes way back to their evolution. This is how they build our immune system from the ground up, according to Dr. Robert.

“Fungal diseases are the most difficult to treat. They were some of the earliest diseases to emerge in the evolution of animals and plants on our planet. And so, the immune system of animals developed early detection for fungal pathogens. That’s why mushrooms work so well in terms of improving our immune system function.”


Joni Kimlet, a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT), said

“Real Mushrooms decided to create a veterinary line because many people are using their human mushroom products for their pets. The most popular mushroom in veterinary medicine is the turkey tail, which is being used for cancer treatment.”


There is a lot of evidence that the turkey tail mushrooms give a longer life span, recovery from cancer, and a better quality of life. In addition to turkey tail mushrooms, Real Mushrooms also specializes in Lion’s Mane and reishi mushrooms. Third-party laboratories and studies confirmed that these fungi can improve your pet’s immune system.

Holistic Health Brought By Medicinal Mushrooms | Real Mushrooms


Learn more about Real Mushrooms!

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