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Health And Wellness Monitor For Better Insight On Your Pet │ MyPetGo

Health And Wellness Monitor For Better Insight On Your Pet │ MyPetGo

Searching for a functional and accurate health tracker that can follow your pet’s activity and location? That is precisely how MyPetGo operates! It is an advanced pet health and wellness wearable device that collects valuable health data and offers practical solutions!

MyPetGo provides in-depth pet information regarding your pet’s behavior levels, location, vital signs, and activities. With this wearable device, you can kiss guesswork goodbye, welcome better health insights, and receive actionable recommendations — all for your pet’s sake!


A One-of-a-Kind Pet Wearable

Health And Wellness Monitor For Better Insight On Your Pet │ MyPetGo

Richard Nilsson, the founder of MyPetGo, despite not being the most technological person around, still firmly believes in the enormous potential of technology. As he said,

“I think that in some kind of romantic way that technology can solve most of our problems in this world, if not all.”

At MyPetGo, he helped create and design a wearable pet device that is undoubtedly the first of its kind. The idea of developing the device first sparked when he tried to find a wearable for his dog. He bought a bunch of different types and brands but was sorely disappointed to find that none of them worked on his geo-location.

Richard was inspired to look deeper into the human and pet wearable space. He quickly discovered that most pet health trackers were redundant — as most functions as pet health and location trackers. Richard wanted to develop something out and beyond that small zone.

“We haven’t seen anyone else do this, so there’s no reference point, making it much more difficult to build.”


Monitor and Keep Track Of Your Pet’s Health With MyPetGo

Health And Wellness Monitor For Better Insight On Your Pet │ MyPetGo

MyPetGo is a highly-advanced health and wellness monitor built to support pet owners by collecting pet health data while functioning as a location tracker and journal. It even offers actionable recommendations and directly bridges you to appropriate service providers or products!

With this device, you can get instant health alerts for any detected health irregularities, set safe zones for your pets, and even share pet health insights with your vet, family, and friends! It’s an all-in-one device and platform that can help make your pet parenting much easier and more manageable!

 “We’re building essentially a new category in the pet tech space.”

Whether you’re a young digital native or a retired analog person — it doesn’t matter since MyPetGo ensures their product is universal and accessible for customers of any age!

This device is unique because it specifically sets out to learn more about your pet. Once activated, the wearable will mainly undergo a learning phase for the first few weeks to a month. It will learn about the individual pet’s routines and health status.

“We’re trying to benchmark your pet against your own pet.”

Once the device detects health irregularities or abnormalities, it will notify you instantly. As Richard said, in most cases, their job is to eliminate people rushing down to their vets at the first sign of something going wrong.


MyPetGo is available in 150 countries and has officially launched in the US. You can find them on their official website if you want to purchase and try it out. Note that MyPetGo only ships to markets where their monitors would operate and work.

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