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How Much Does It Cost to Test a Dog for Diabetes?

How Much Does It Cost to Test a Dog for Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is a common disease in humans that could also affect your lovely pets. For your dog, this illness disrupts the roles of glucose and insulin in providing energy for their body. You do not want your furry pup to suffer from this disease, and that’s why getting them tested for diabetes is highly recommended.

Make sure to continue reading below to know how much does it cost to test a dog for diabetes.


Symptoms To Look Out For

You can spot symptoms of diabetes in the comfort of your home before rushing into the local veterinary clinic. You can see them in your dog’s behavior and physical state, so they would be easy to spot. 

The symptoms that you should be looking for are the following:

  • Increased thirstiness (Polydipsia)
  • Frequent urination (Polyuria)
  • An increase in appetite (Polyphagia)
  • Evident decrease in weight
  • Obvious low level of energy
  • Dehydrated
  • Cataracts


Visiting A Trusted Veterinarian

As an owner, it is your responsibility to keep a sharp eye on the symptoms. If you spotted a few of these traits on your dog, it’s time to pay a visit to your trusted veterinarian.

Now, each pet doctor has their own way of testing and treating a pet depending on various factors — such as dog size, stress levels, and behavior during operations.

If you have a large dog that easily gets stressed and uncomfortable when touched by strangers, be ready to face costly testing. This is why it is recommended to talk to a vet with whom your dog is already comfortable. 


Testing Your Dog For Diabetes

There are various ways to determine if your dog is diabetic or not, and one test is not enough for an accurate diagnosis. Each test is sometimes done repeatedly for them to understand what is really happening to your pup.

Knowing about the frequent tests gives a glimpse of how much it costs to test a dog for diabetes. These screenings could help identify the possibility of your pet being a diabetic. The suggested tests for diabetes are as follows:

  • A Complete Blood Count
  • A profile of Serum Biochemistry
  • Urinalysis


What Does A Complete Blood Count Tell Me?

A complete blood count discusses the levels of Red Blood Cells (RBC), White Blood Cells (WBC), and platelets inside your dog’s system. This test usually costs around $100, and some veterinary clinics partner this test with Biochemistry Profile for $150-$200.

Normal blood cell levels are observed in non-sick dogs, while fluctuations in these levels may reveal that your dog is diabetic. High levels of red blood cells happen when the dog is dehydrated because of frequent urination. Both are symptoms of diabetes. 

This test could also detect severe cases of diabetes, such as when there are not enough red blood cells. This happens when the RBC is ruptured (lysis) because of electrolyte loss.

Just by doing the complete blood count, your veterinarian can expose various complications to your dog’s health. It may be pricey, but it does not matter how much it costs to test a dog for diabetes if your goal is recovery. 


What Can I Learn From My Dog’s Serum Biochemistry Profile?

How Much Does It Cost to Test a Dog for Diabetes?

Serum Biochemistry Profile reveals the blood sugar level of your beloved pet, and it is a vital component in diagnosing diabetes. An increased level of blood sugar (hypoglycemia) means the system doesn’t have the capacity to transform glucose into energy, leaving it in the bloodstream.

A blood sample would also be taken to have this test done, which is why it is frequently paired with a complete blood count test when it comes to pricing. This test, including a complete blood count, usually amounts to $200.


What Does My Dog’s Urine Reveal?

Urinalysis is done to check any signs of glucose in your dog’s urine. The excess glucose inside their bloodstream is forced out into the urinary tract, which is also an indicator of diabetes. 

This test usually costs around $40 to $70, but it is repeatedly done. The good thing is that you can do consecutive urine tests at your home. You just need to prepare lancets and test strips that are generally in the $5 to $15 price range.

You can also purchase a Glucose Meter to look out for your dog’s sugar level at home. However, do note that this could be expensive — it could cost you around $20 to $500.



When the safety and health of a fur baby is at risk, owners do not really care how much it costs to test a dog for diabetes. These dogs are not just pets but also part of the family. 

It could be costly to have a pet when it comes to maintenance and all of their needs, but it is still worth having one. These dogs need you, so visit Doobert and adopt your next furry friend! You can also help them as a volunteer to achieve their goal of empowering animal welfare organizations. 

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