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Animal Shelter of the Week: Episode 61 – Humane Society of Morgan County

Humane Society of Morgan County

Humane Society of Morgan County

Founded in 1994, the Humane Society began as a group of dedicated individuals committed to saving animal lives in Morgan County. Moving into their adoption center in 2014 has allowed the HSMC to save even more lives. The HSMC adopts more than 400 dogs and cats into loving homes every year. With their dedicated staff, caring volunteers, and the support of people like you, they hope to continue to improve the lives of animals. The Humane Society of Morgan County’s mission is to save more animal’s lives by promoting adoptions of healthy, friendly companion animals obtained from overcrowded animal control facilities and owner surrenders. Their goal is to provide the highest quality care and compassion to the animals entrusted into our care until such time as they are adopted. It is also their mission to measurably reduce the pet overpopulation numbers through the promotion of spay/neuter programs and community education. In 2019 they helped 432 animals find their fur-ever homes! They have the capacity to house 80 animals and they usually stay right below capacity. They average about 36 adoptions a month and intake about 35 animals a month. They are blessed to be in such a supportive community!


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