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Inspiring the next generation of animal rescuers

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.53.10 AMIf you are a member of the Doobert Facebook groups or follow our page, you likely saw my Facebook posting about a wonderful young lady named Alexis Luce. While reading through pages and pages of sad stories about animals on death row, or the breakdown in humanity with people abusing animals, I came across this post from a mother wishing her daughter a Happy 15th Birthday. But just as I was about to keep scrolling, something caught my attention. Alexis had saved her money to adopt an animal and was planning to spend her birthday raising money for a local animal shelter, H.A.W.S. in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Such selflessness from a young lady who was just doing what was natural for her, caring for animals. But it caused me to pause and inspired me to work even harder to help get the word out about so that more rescues, shelters and transport groups can benefit from what we do. In the sea of negativity, a lighthouse beacon from someone I never met renewed my faith in the animal rescue cause. We CAN make a difference. Alexis made a difference by saving her money to save an animal and then dedicated her time to supporting a great organization to save even more. I further learned that Alexis and her mother regularly participate in animal rescue transport driving to move animals along their journey to freedom and forever happiness.

What motivates you to keep going? For me, it’s stories like these. Knowing that a young woman like Alexis, who cannot vote, or even drive is inspired to do good for animals humbles me to think that there is so much more that we all can do. Together we can save more animals.

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